Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let's stand

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We have achieved that mid-trip condition of continual toddler meltdown. Typically this occurs about a week in, and then we go home, so I don't know what the cyclical "end" might be. Now, we put it to the test and stay on the road an extra two weeks post apocalypse.

Today, we have our prayer/business meeting first, then lunch and practice for a couple hours before we head to 1960 for tonight's event. I might be able to stream it on ustream, if I can then I will put the link up here prior to the service.

If you live within a couple hours of Houston, and you go to a church, consider having Radiant Worship or a representative come to your church to talk about the Call Houston and the Prayer March on January 17th and 18th.

It's time to stand up for something. Go to and for more info. Tell everyone you know, and then be there.

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  1. Toddler meltdown? Not your kids. They are too cute for that!


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