Friday, January 22, 2010

URGENT: Stage Gear Stolen : Radiant Restoration Fund 2010


For the last 7 years, we (Radiant Revolution, INC) have had the most wonderful privilege of serving the body of Christ in the U.S. and abroad via our mobile ground missions. These ground trips have taken us to places where few ministries go, seeing a great harvest, and countless lives changed by the Presence of God. It was our intention to officially launch a massive fundraising campaign early this year enabling us to continue our ground missions for another 7 years (or as long as the Lord leads) However, in light of recent circumstances, our need has become extremely urgent.

Our team has just completed a (sudden) 3 week trip around Texas, ministering to churches and promoting a recent pro-life prayer gathering lead by TheCall and Bound4Life. On the early morning of the Justice March, Jan 18
th (which gathered some 10k people) our vehicle containing our stage music equipment was broken into, and nearly all of our gear was stolen. Total value of the equipment stolen was $14,547.89. The $9,124.00 which belonged to Radiant Revolution, INC was not covered by insurance and is a total loss. (ask if you want an itemized list) The PD would not come out to the scene, however we have filed a report.

I know these are simply material possessions, however, to a musician having these particular items taken is similar to have you family pictures lost in a house fire. Each instrument had a story and miracle to how it was acquired.

PROPHETIC WORD: In April 2008, while in Nashville, recording artist and father in the faith, Ricky Skaggs, publicly prayed over me. He said, “it’s time for a new sound system, vehicle, equipment, everything you need, pick it out, it’s all coming your way.” (Paraphrase) I have not been contending for this word, until NOW! We are not only believing God to restore quickly what took years to build, but to meet all our needs to continue in mobile missions for the nation.

Last December our recording studio computer died, and was given a bill of $2300 to repair it. We choose to wait instead and purchase a new one once the funds came in. In addition, our mobile sound system has aged and is in need of constant repair. With modern technology we could have a similar system that is much smaller, more mobile, and faster to set up for situations like public high schools where time is limited. 2 years ago we ceased using our 15 passenger van as it was too old to maintain, and have been renting vans for trips which have cost us up to 2500 per trip. Our trailer has served us well, but is falling apart and rusted
. I believe now is the time to propel Radiant ministries to the nation in a fresh wave, and we need to body of Christ to make this happen.

We are boldly asking the Lord for
$50,000 - $70,000 to restore our losses, upgrade our sound system, get a new van, a new trailer, repair our studio, and pay off a small amount of debt from CD productions. We have had constant bombardment of people say our losses will be restored 7 fold. We believe now is the time.

I believe the Lord has validated our ministry during these 7 formative years by consistently showing up with His Presence, never letting us miss a personal bill, (even down to the last minute) through the affirmation of spiritual fathers, and the lasting fruit of changed lives.

Would you consider being a part of this restoration this week, by having your church, business, or family give to Radiant Revolution, INC for 2010 missions? We believe the nation is ripe for harvest and our sickles are guitars and amplifiers. All donations are tax-deductible and able to be reviewed by our board of advisors which includes 4 senior pastors.

For His Glory,
Richy Clark

Checks can be written to “Radiant Revolution, INC”
3905 E. 107
th TER
Kansas City, MO 64137

Or donate online via paypal. (credit and debit cards accepted)


See what’s on the map for Radiant 2010 Mission by watching our annual end of year report video.

“I have been very blessed and impacted by the ministry of Radiant. Their worship is passionate and anointed, their songs have depth and substance, and their hearts follow very hard after God.
Dutch Sheets, Author and Pastor

"Radiant is for signs and symbols in America. ... they not only speak the word they are living it out in prophetic fullness. The word is being made flesh in their own lives. "
Lou Engle, Founder of theCall

"Richy Clark has one of the purest hearts I know! He is a man of humility with real apostolic authority to break open the heavens in his praise and worship. He is a sent one; a voice proceeding before the throne of God."
Rick Pino - Fire Rain Ministries


  1. last sentence of first paragraph:

    However, in light of recent circumstances, our need AS become extremely urgent.

    just thought i'd let u know.

    i didn't know about that prophetic word... COOL!


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