Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years pep talk, kinda...


Happy New Year, everybody! Every year, I resolve to not make resolutions, as to not fail myself and then lose heart and stop believing anything I tell myself. If I let that go on, myself would become terribly disheartened with myself, and eventually we might split up. That's how multiple personalities are created, folks- New Years resolutions.

There is some stuff I would like to happen this year, but I'm not making any promises, me.

• Lose a couple pounds, without working out or amending my diet. I would like to become spontaneously and effortlessly hot.

• Adopt a baby, with whats-his-name, and add to the circus.

• Do some deep spiritual stuff and get all deep and spiritual and stuff.

• Write a novel, with minimal effort and great skill, and get it published without it feeling like a JOB.

But you know, whatever. Even if I don't accomplish anything, I will still love me.


  1. oh, we are so alike...

    your twin from michigan

  2. pep talk back to u

    blog sumtin new


  3. i was thinking about that same spontaneously hot thing last night while watching the biggest loser and eating chocolate pudding.


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