Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The tonsils are out but we're staying...

Blogging here from the hallowed halls (actually, a hallowed PICU room) of Children's Mercy Hospital. R2 went through the surgery with flying colors, and did really well until he fell asleep around 11. Then, he decided to stop breathing. A lot. It went like this. Drift... off... to... ALARMS! BLEEP BLOOP LIGHTS ON NURSES AROUND snore.... BLOOOOP BLEEEP TALKING POKING BLOOOP sleep.... and so on. All night long. The good news is, our ICU stay was not overkill. He actually needed to be monitored overnight. It's always good to know that we aren't racking up frivolous hospital stays.

R2 had such severe apnea, and such swollen tonsils and adenoids, that he hasn't been sleeping or breathing well for a while. So this surgery should really help, once his ex-tonsils stop swelling and blocking his airway even more. So last night was what they were afraid of, and I was relieved to have the help.

Being on the regular floor will be nice, since we can't use phones in here, and the bathroom is outside the ward, so it's a bit of a process, and there's a LOT of handwashing and scrubbing and signing in and out and no eating in the ICU at all (for parents) and so on.

He's pretty annoyed with all these doctors and nurses interrupting his movie to check on him and shine a flashlight in his throat. He has started waving goodbye as soon as they come in and address him. I am really enjoying this stay, except last night. But the rest of it is fun, with his little grumpy personality and then sunshiny moments after he gets some pudding or some drugs...

In adoption news, $50 more came in yesterday! Thank you! If you haven't donated yet and you want to, or you want to donate again, the link is right over there on the top left sidebar!


  1. prayers for my little man. and for my baby daughter. let that swelling go down quickly! mama

  2. yes and amen....... give Mr Man a big hug from Bedste


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