Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday fiction: Jenny is surprised

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Something happened today. I know you’re probably thinking, well, things happen everyday, Jenny. Ain’t it the truth? Still, something really happened today.

I got off work, picked up Lil Hank, and went on home and just as we was sitting down to eat our mac-n-cheese, there’s a knock on the door. I had a pretty good idea who it was, and he wasn’t welcome. I had been trying to send him subtle signals to get hisself lost, but he wasn’t picking up on them. Evidently the dozen shredded up roses on the porch hadn’t give him a clue. I never said Hank Jr, was smart, neither.

I didn’t even get up from the table. “Go on and get your mangy butt off my porch, Hank Jr!”

There was a little pause, and then he cleared his throat and knocked again, real easy-like. I felt flames come shootin out my ears. “I swear to the Good Lord, Hank Jr., you knock on that door again and you are gonna live to regret it!” I yelled out as I was shovelin a little more mac-n-cheese in Lil Hank’s wide open mouth. Again, there was a little break and then he cleared his fool throat again.

Well, that did it. I shoved back from the table hard. “Watch Lil Hank.” I told Jimmy, who was just eating his food real quiet and nervous. I went in the living room and picked a good solid lookin shotgun and waited for it. Sure enough, that son of a gun knocked again.

I threw open the door and held up the shotgun, only to feel like I had got shot my own self.

The most beautiful man I had ever seen was standing on my front porch. Standing on my front porch, in a suit, with his hands up in the air and his beautiful blue eyes full of shock. Standing on my front porch with a shotgun staring him in the well-shaped kisser.


  1. Thanks! I love this story!-G

  2. it's not really Hank Jr., is it? you totally can't leave us right there. i think there needs to be an extra friday fiction on like...Monday.

  3. oooh, on the edge of my seat! This is almost as crazy as one of the plot lines in Mama's what???

  4. wha???? and im supposta wait till friday for the rest?!?!!

    i am getting hooked :)


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