Monday, September 14, 2009

in which I talk about the blues

Inspiration did not strike over the weekend, as you can tell. Plus, I think I might love that "chapter" of my story more than any of the others. It just makes me happy.

In fact, I was not inspired to do much of anything this weekend. I hit these sober patches sometimes... and by sober, I do not mean alcohol-free.. I remain in an alcohol free state around the clock, with the exception of some spiked egg nog back in 99 or so, and some vodka I drank to try to stop labor back in 05... another story.

By sober, I just mean kinda quiet and reflective periods... maybe a little sad, without a clear sad-making reason. I can think "I am happy. I like my life today. I like pretty much everything." and still feel a little sad. So, I didn't do anything. I mean, besides make meals and hold little people and read books and set FAILED mousetraps and clean up a little... nothing terribly productive.

The thing is, when I feel like this, I really have to get a grip on it or I will just sink a little and have weeks of blah. So I need to force myself to move. I think I should go work out, and plan some kinda little-people outings, and such.

Don't worry about this... it's not anything terribly heavy. Just blah.

In other news, we are embarking on our first Family Tour next week. The MOG and I and the wee ones will be traveling, he preaching and we hanging out for about a week and a half. Should be exciting, and quite worthy blog-fodder. Stay tuned!


  1. jess your funny...but i think i know how you feel

    I'm the same... but oddly enough i only feel this way when i go to church... hmmm connection maybe? idk?

    *Today I cried in my room
    *In my car
    *at the gas station
    *while running ( that was cause i wanted to puke though) ok not really no crying while running
    continuing... i cried
    *in the shower
    *watching beyonce give Taylor swift her moment on youtube
    *while reading captivating in Merci's school pick up line
    * While singing to the lord
    and i think that's it... sheesh i think i made up today for my lack of crying over the past month or so...
    :0) I think i'm good now

  2. i totally get "blah."

    and i'm always so proud of you that you get blah, and you keep writing. that amazes me. way to go! =D

  3. Watch out the next problem in the sequence is deciding that you have some terminal rare disease that only affects housewives. Been there, done that-G

  4. I love my Jess... You may not process outloud but you do process outloud... ya know?

  5. A famous person once told me that you have to control your emotions and not let your emotions control you..

    Awesome life changing advice.. Journalling is a good way of processing... husbands, best friends, blogging.. all different ways of doing the same thing... processing outloud.

    I would like to become better at processing with the LORD and leaving my friends and family alone to wonder..... WASSUP with Bedste now?

    I am also currently referred to as the CCM (crazy chicken mama)! Apparently pregnant girls and family members and neighbors and friends are going to need lots and lots of eggs in the future!

  6. Hey can you call me with directions to your house? I want to bring you all these clothes before you go! Also, I have a ton of size 9 shoes, would Hannah want them? I know your feet are smaller. Call me! 816 820 3748

  7. Steph wears 8.5 and some 9 too.........


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