Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Morning in st louee

My plan was to get up in the morning an hour or so before we had to leave the hotel, and write a quick blog with my peaceful children gathered around my feet in their matching sailor suits. As the birds and friendly domestic animals gathered outside the Quality Inn window, I would write a pithy and interesting entry.

That didn't happen.

The MOG and I and our sticky and relatively calm children are en route to Cleveland TN, where he will be leading worship (I will be singng with him, because of Childcare Fairies) and then he'll be preaching and such. Tomorrow night, we'll be in nashville, where he will be teaching at a ministry school and leading worship. We have about three days in Nashville, which is great.

We drove about 4 hours or so yesterday and we have 7 hours today. Everybody is pretty happy, save the ocassional outbursts because Brynn sings the Dora song all wrong and such. This is a bit of a test tour for the wee ones. I hope they rock it.

The MOG is in need of a potty break pretty desperately right now, and the iPod starts playing ocean waves. You cant pay for that kinda comedy.


  1. That is absolutely heeeeeelarious! I thought I was the only cruel one who laughed when my husband had to go potty so bad. Wishing u all safe travels.

  2. very very funny bit about the ocean waves. hahahahahahahahahahaha!


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