Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I will testify to love...

If you hang around with us, in person or on the interwebs, you probably have heard about Avalon asking to record Richy's song. If you don't know who Avalon is, here's some info.

Over the summer, Christ For the Nations' worship band recorded YAH, (see that video here) and the day after their recording came out, we got the email from Avalon's rep. It's been recorded several other times, by Lee Campus Choir, Ian McIntosh, and Gilmar Britto (in Brazilian Portugese!) and I think in Spanish once or twice.

We love most if not all of the versions we've heard, especially the one in Portugese. It's super anointed.

I was really curious about what Avalon would do with it... as a professional cyberstalker, I found a clip a couple of weeks ago and listened, but I couldn't really tell what the track sounded like. Normally we get an advance copy, but this time we didn't. So last night our home group went late due to a rousing game of Cranium, and so we were awake at midnight when the CD launched on Itunes... yes, we bought our own song. We will make 9 cents, off ourselves. (actually, we spent 90 cents). It's GOOD! It's actually powerful and good and I am so happy about it. At the end they do a little spontaneous worship stuff that I really like.

Buy the Avalon version of You Are Holy here.


  1. So good. I am honored to know you guys and call you friends. Some day you will be famous and all the world will wonder where you came from and I can say; "Hey, I totally slept on their futon, they're awesome. They may be famous, and they maybe loved, but mostly they are loved and then famous" or something sappy and deep that doesn't really make any sense at all. I know you guys are shifting things in realms we can't see, and that makes sense.Love!

  2. This is so neat Jess! I am really really happy for you guys. You deserve it with all the hard work and dedication you have given. Good work littl' dumplin'!

    Aunt Tammy

  3. I really liked the Christ for the Nations video. I thought they did a very good job with YAH.



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