Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Christianity, hysteria and Obama

The e-debate has been raging lately re: the President's speech to school kids, and evil, tyranny and socialism... I wasn't quick to sign on because, even if I think he might be a hack politically, the fact remains that he is the President, and I am an American. If I really thought he was going to call all the children to arms against their parents, then I would be concerned. Greatly concerned, actually. My first response would not be to send you an alarmed email, FYI.

I don't like Christian hysteria. It bugs me. When we pick some cause to boycott and gripe about, we have to handle it right or we just come off looking like judgmental ignoramus-es (ignorami?)

(Disclaimer: if you are one of the more-than-one friends who sent me emails and/or facebook requests, I am not talking about you, specifically)

It's just... there are causes that are worth fighting for. I believe in causes. I want to see the ending of abortion, and I believe peaceful protest and behind-the-scenes work to change legislation and most of all, fervent prayer and obedience are keys to that. I do not believe standing on the side of the road holding giant pictures of mangled fetuses is a good way. In fact, I think it hurts us.

Christianity is logical. It makes sense. Our arguments even make sense, if you do the research. So why do we resort to dramatics and shock appeal and emotion so much? Do you understand what I mean?

If we felt like the President was going to make a speech that was harmful to our children, first of all, let's find out what is in the speech and then make that determination. Then, lets do what non-believers might do. Call school officials and find out about alternative activities, or keep your child home, if what he is saying is actually harmful to your child. Or, get crazy and talk to your child ahead of time. Tell them what they're going to hear, and what people with our worldview believe, in contrast. Because if what you're afraid of is your child hearing a viewpoint that is different from yours, you might as well lock them in your basement right now.

Next time you feel like panicking, do a little Google work. Don't read opinions, read the bills or the speeches that you are afraid of. If you don't understand them, then study. There is no reason we should be afraid to learn!

Can we reason, folks? Do your children have the ability to assimilate information and process it based on what they know to be true? If they don't, you have more trouble on your hands than just them learning about "tolerance" from the leader of the free world.

Anyway, all he did was talk about working hard at school, and "earning" your destiny, not expecting easy rewards or quick riches, but applying yourself and working for your dreams. It was actually pretty good. Unlike the healthcare bill, but that's another day.


  1. I like the idea of informing our children and GRANDCHILDREN and letting them know what to expect.... so they can hear it from US first...

  2. yeah, definitely. read the speeches, the bills, the laws, and then talk about it.

  3. Well said Jess.

    Did you get my email about the internet thingy?

  4. I would rather just forward everything to Jessica and Beth and Frances and get everyone all stirred up and they can fill me in on the details and I do not even have to go and find my glasses or do any research.

    This is aka being LAZY and stirring the pot or poking a sleeping dog.... or yanking a chain or... just LAZY

  5. Can I either link to this or quote parts of it? You put everything I was thinking so eloquently, and people need to hear it

  6. I certainly agree with this post, as i do with most things that you say.

    I am really never in favor of panic, even when it is justified.

    I would like to say also though, that in the same way that we should not panic and assume the end is coming because the president we don't like so much is daring to speak to our kids, we should also not assume that the next time he or someone else talks to our kids - or whatever - that it's all o.k. 'cause it was o.k. last time.

    There was understandable cause for concern and curiosity among conservatives before this speech was given. There should also be concern and curiosity when no one's panicking at all - maybe moreso then.

  7. Yeah, I agree, Beth! I'm just realizing that too often I "take someone's word for it" rather than finding out for myself, and then I feel like I am making Christians look ignorant... you know?

  8. Other Jessica: sure! and thanks!

  9. Yes, i'm with you there. I have a very deep dislike for actions that make Christians look ignorant and flighty.

  10. I copy and paste any post I want to of any blog I read including YOURS. So many of my friends love you and only read when I send it to them....

    I figure you publish it to the public so there it is...


    I refuse to get all bent out of shape about anything unless one of my kids grandkids or dog or chickens are involved! LOL

  11. If I do not watch or read or listen to the news.... and something horrific happens that I need to get moving on.... God will make sure that I am aware of it.

    Do you really want me to ask permission from one of the Jessicas before I forward your blog?

    Hey Jess... can I forward your blog to my friends and family whenever the heck I feel like it ?

  12. BTW... I would do it to the Radiant Blog more often too but he only post new stuff twice a year.

  13. I don't care... send it to the Pope if you want, VKG... it's good stuff!

  14. i must admit, I didn't get TOO involved on this one seeing as I am single and childless. Yet I do listen to all sides, and am reading for myself. I am a Yablonski devotee as well as Mr. Bohlender's musings. I'm learning that quite often its good to read what others are writing from opposing viewpoints.
    I already know what I believe & why, but I need to learn what they're saying so I can sound intelligent when I don't agree.
    As to tonight's speech, admittedly I probably won't listen, cuz I just generally don't listen to presidential speeches (R, D, Spaghetti Party) I'll wait for tomorrow morning, listen & read the papers and get the important stuff.
    Plus I figure, I can always link to your blog if I need to bring attention to others. You always write it so much better than I do.

  15. Hey, guys... I uh, wrote a blog today, too. I mean, whatever. Never mind.


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