Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday fiction: Jimmy just wants some peace

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My name is Jimmy. You
could call me James, but the last guy who did that found hisself looking real close at the insides of a toilet at the pool hall. Like I said, my name is Jimmy.

I am the only man in a family full of females. After Grandma died and Mama run off, it was just me and my kid sister Jenny. Didn’t seem like the griping let up any, even with two less women. You know that high-pitched noise you get when there’s a TV on somewhere, and it just keeps going? That’s kinda like Jenny.

Lately, she’s been carrying on and on about Mama being in Mexico, and we have to go and find her, and she needs my help and for me to quit watching the game and talk to her when all I wanna do is drink my ONE beer and watch the game. I work all day long and then I come home to this whining. If I wanted to be married, I would be. Man shouldn’t have to put up with this from his sister. Actually, one time I almost got married and Jenny ruined that for me. Chased off a real nice girl.

Finally I just had enough and I said,” Fine, fine whatever. We’ll go to Mexico. You, and me and little Hank. Just get out of my hair and shut up.” She was so happy she hugged me and near to knocked my pizza off my TV tray. Then I watched this rest of the game.

Wadn’t till I woke up this morning that I started to thinking. What was Mama doing in Mexico? After she ran off years ago, I figured she’d probably die fairly quick, given her taste in men, not to mention she had the sense of a squirrel. I doubt she wants to be found, since we have been right here for 5 years and she never tried to find us. And what was Jenny planning on doing once we found her? Just sittin down for a nice chat? What had I got myself into and how was I gonna get out of it? And what had that pitcher been thinking when he threw that last pitch? You’d think they’d have professionals throwin these balls…


  1. Good question, Jimmy!! What's the plan once ya'll find Mama in Mexico Jenny????

  2. Mama,

    What you doin in Mexico?-G


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