Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To appease the masses

Blogging here on the go, as I have my opportunity for two hours alone staring me in the face, and I will KISS that opportunity.

The MOG got back yesterday from a 6 day trip, bless the Lamb and just in time, since Toby was pretty much at that stage of punching random strange men just to get some male attention. Almost.

In other news, we saw a very large mouse yesterday. I am still calling it a mouse because I cannot bear to call it the other word... anyways, I think we are getting a cat. Soon.

And that's it. QUality blog tomorrow, but now I must away to Happy Hour Coca-Cola at Sonic and the thrift store. Wahooooo!


  1. hope it was great!!! I love a break!!!

  2. you can't stand to call the mouse a kitchen beaver?

  3. there are few who would recognize the term liz...

  4. cats do not always keep varmits from the house

    might i suggest putting out poison that is square shaped & smells good to mouses

    they eat & then get very thirsty & will leave the house in search of water then die

    put poison square in attic or in some out of the way place that little ones cannot get to & dont let little ones see you putting it out

  5. also plug up holes in house so mouse cannot get back in so easily

  6. Was just talking to a pet owner yesterday about what's required to own one. As you know, it's a lot of upkeep. I don't think I would be getting a cat just to get rid of a mouse. 1) the cat may not be into hunting varmits. 2) It may just want to play with it, not kill it. 3) If it does kill it, you still have an animal you now have to care for all the time.

    Not saying never get another cat, just that I wouldn't get one only to rid a mouse. I'd set a trap or do the poison cubes in the walls and attic.

    My 3 cents (inflation).

  7. I think you shoudl give the poison a chance to work.

    If you had hollow walls the problem would already be solved...

    I am so sorry that you have large mice... OMG

    FYI.... Landlord will take care of this no problem. That is what they do....

  8. Just read the latest version of the telenova. You are great, Jess! Had me laughing. You must be watching Telemundo these days.-G


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