Monday, August 31, 2009

three fevers and a wedding

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Eventful weekend round here. Friday, I don't remember.

Must have been eventful though. Saturday, the MOG ran sound for a wedding and I took the littles with assistance from Han. That was a stupid idea. Weddings are quiet, and long. Man, that was a stupid idea. We went to the reception, but it was moving at a pretty leisurely pace and I was bout to die of hunger and a mystery illness so we left after an hour or so and went to Sonic and then home, where everybody got a fever and an attitude and collapsed screaming and such.

This continued on into Sunday, where we skipped church so everybody could stand on my feet and scream "Stop LOOKING at me, Brynn!" "I NOT NO LOOK NO YOU! Errrrrrrr!" and so on. R2 mainly made frustrated guttural noises and frantically signed "toilet" which is his new repetitive sign that he does not mean. It's kind of like making conversation, with increasing franticness depending on the situation. Then Richy (sr) had a 6 hour meeting so I continued NOT chilling with all the sick children of the world.

Today, I took R2 to the doc and confirmed what I already knew - strep throat. Dadgummit. We then we to Target and if I could keep typing I would give a ringing endorsement for Target pharmacies, but we have a home group tonight and I alone in all of the earth am responsible for cleaning up this place. (oh, and I escaped today for 2 hours and spent 6 bucks at the thrift, so I'm pretty content)

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  1. sounds like a grand time for sure


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