Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Let the boy go to SCHOOL! He's a GOOD boy!

I always planned on homeschooling my kids. In fact, I tried to homeschool R2, but he is developmentally like 2 years old, and my efforts were always short-lived and frustrating. So last year, at 9 years old, we enrolled him in public school for the first time. He loved it, so, gravy.

Well, first we tried to enroll him, and they kept wanting shot records. We went to ONE clinic from the time Richy was born until Toby was born, so, six years. Somehow, that clinic did not have his records. "Don't you have your card?" they asked me. Like I am going to hang on to a random unneeded paper for 9 years. No, no I don't have a copy. "It's not here, it's in medical records." they tell me. So I call Medical Records and am given various runarounds and actually mailed some records from somebody else's chart, and they don't have it and can't find it and already mailed it, twice. Bull. Last year the school let us get one make-up shot and then accepted him, on the condition that I get the records. Easier said than done.

One year I have been arguing with these people, and finally the heavens open and a lady from The Clinic of No Records gives me the name of the Supervisor of Medical Records. One YEAR and this woman gets me the records in ONE day. God Bless Saundra Jeffries, and give her money. Amen.

So now I have been trying for 2 weeks to enroll R2 in his new school, and have been sent back home 3 times for more records, and now I finally, finally have those records and the school is closed. Office locked, teachers missing.

I call my contact on the inside, and find out he has to enroll at the new school, because that's our district now, but he will actually attend the old school, in his old classroom with his familiar teacher. This is great news! Plus, my contact kinda greased the works and I think we should be good to start Thursday morning with all the other kids. Wahoo!

The MOG made the mistake of asking R2 if he wanted to go back to school on Saturday, just as a hypothetical- like to see if he started gnashing his teeth and screaming, then we would think, okay, maybe school is not a good thing. Instead, he took the sign for "yes" to mean "school" and has been obsessively signing "yes" for 4 days now. We tried to teach him the real sign for "school" but he told us, whispering, "No, this means school" (signing "yes"). So, okay, he's communicating. We can work with that.

Only one and half more days of explaining there is no school today!


  1. Time for school. I know the day is coming when he will not only whisper but those words will come out of hiding LOUD. What a delight he is. LOve you Mama

  2. You have just made many parents jealous whose children are going to school, but do not want to. Oh the joyous rapture of a child WANTing to attend class.

    But, alas no. I'm am privy to the wailing and gnashing of the teeth of teen angst rejecting the privilege of attending school. bleah...

    Yay for R2 that he gets to stay in the stable environment of a familiar classroom and teachers.


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