Friday, August 28, 2009

Amen and pass the salsa

Technically, I should be updating my fictional story today, but I am too overcome with goodness . Here's the backstory, facebook style. (click to enlarge)

8:30 am, the doorbell rings. FedEx, with a box of joy, aka, 4 jars of salsa. I was so happy I sat right down and had a bowl with some chips. Brynn was quick to join me. I then made myself wait a few hours and had another bowl. Seriously. best. salsa. ever.

If any of you see Julie Davis, I would say give her a big kiss, but she's not so much into the kissing. Just tell her she's awesome and then hire her husband to fix your computers.



  1. amazing glory!!! glad its good!!! love the story!!

  2. waytogo, Julie!

    good followthrough.

  3. save me some! I have a house full of crying teenage girls and by Monday will surely need the medicinal benefits that come accompanied with such glorious things.

  4. aww! sorry to hear about the strep. where did they get this horrible little pathogen?

    did hann the radiant have it too?

    arggh! i hate sickness!

    you need sunshine
    and peace and quiet
    and a blankie
    and a bath


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