Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Toby Update

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this is Richy...
We received a negative report from the doctors about an hour ago. Toby was tested positive for RSV. He also has some pnemonia, and bronchiolitis! He is under quarenteen (sp?) for a few days. We have a warning sign on our front door. Sooo...
fear not! "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind." Fear paralizes faith. As we pray for Toby, let's think on what is good, and see him completely well. Though this is very serious, and toby needs quick healing, there are some positives. 1. He is finally sleeping right now with his mommy. He has been crying and unnerving his parents for the last few hours. 2. His body is doing great absorbing oxygen. 3. He has a community of believers who have been faithfully praying for him.

Jessica, of corse, needs prayer as well, as she is having a hard time with this report. "Who's report will you believe?"
So we could be here a while, or they may send us home tommorow evening, if all looks better, however, we will still be under quarenteen.

On another note: Pray that I work out our vacation. Jess and I had a trip planned for boston leaving this Thur. Am to Mon. I was hoping it to be a time of revival for her. We already paid for this trip in full, flights, hotels, car rental. So it is a bummer to lose it. I am hoping there are some re-fund, or re-direct options, although we bought at which ususally creates cheap deals that are not refundable. Perhaps if the names can be changed, someone may win a lottery vacation. Wisdom Lord.
May our lives give you Glory, Richy
if you want to communicate with me, the best way is e-mail I will try to read the blog, but as you know I am only an occasional "lurker."

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