Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Bible roulette

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**edited to say: I forgot it was guys day! So, gents, go for it till noon.... and the topic will be chosen by Servant.... **

decided to give the ol' Good Book a whirl this morning... I opened to
a judgment section of Ezekiel.
Now, usually when this happens, I skip merrily by and find a nice
Psalm or Proverb instead. But today I read the judgment stuff.
What stood out... was he kept saying if Daniel, Job and Noah were
there, they alone would have been spared. This is such an interesting
trio to me. Why those three??
And encouraging... as most of us know, Noah had a rough couple years
there at the end... NC 17 stuff there in Genesis... and we know that
Job questioned God, and challenged His methods... I remember Daniel
being pretty much a straight arrow all the way, but the other two....
So that was kind of encouraging, in a redemptive sense. That God
"remembered" them despite their failures.
Not trying to say any kind of doctrine here... just an observation in

We went by Montgomery College yesterday. The doors may not be closed
there after all... continue to pray!

and I shall reclaim the internet this very night.

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