Thursday, April 27, 2006

Prayer requests

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Please pray for little Noah Lightfoot... here's the latest from Jennifer:
Please keep praying for Noah... I talked with Wendy a few minutes ago and she says his oxygen level is still only in the low 90's with oxygen being given. Without oxygen, he drops down to the 80's... Anything at 91% and below is danger level. They are about to start him on IV Antibiotics to help clear up what is either severe bronchitis (week 3 of it) or pneumonia. So, he's not through the thick of it yet. However, we serve a Mighty, Healing, Miracle-working God and I believe together we can pray for Noah to have a major turn for the better TODAY!

Thanks for all your prayers!

Also, pray for Katie today as she has her CT scan...

Well, here I am! I missed my blog mucho mucho!

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