Monday, April 24, 2006


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Today through Wednesday night, I will be fasting the internet. So
here's the deal. I will come on in the morning and post a blog, but I
won't post another blog or read comments throughout the day. Capisce?

Radiant is fasting M-W for our upcoming ministry in San Antonio, and
for our upcoming ministry locally. I can't really fast food right now
(and I'm really just crushed about it ;) ), but the internet I can
fast, and that's meaningful for me anyway as I am a web junkie.
I will be checking my email daily, if Josh is reading this...

Pray with me for :
• personal revival in me; I want to get back in on what God's doing,
but not on my own steam. been there done that
• grace for me; to have faith and endurance .... not for fasting, but
endurance for the race I am just beginning in many ways
• for the Radiants, grace and blessings on their fasts
• for the San Antonio ministry- they are believing God for harvest...
pray with us for the ministry there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
• For the Radiants: supernatural protection against attacks and sickness
• For the local outreach: direction for all the logistics, and
anointing.... we are planning Holy Ghost revival meetings but He has
to come! We are shooting for having our first meeting June 6th, and
there's a lot of stuff that needs to happen prior to that.

okay, and I think I'm done.
See ya tomorrow morning.

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