Tuesday, April 25, 2006

day tooe

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Sorry about yesterday... I posted that blog in the morning but it
appears to have not gone up until much later...

Last night's prayer meeting was good. I have a difficult time
"tapping in" to whatever's going on a lot of the time in prayer, but
I was able to pray last night.... something in my heart and my spirit
is turning on again... I want to see people saved. I want to pray for
Here's the thing with me... I am SO not wanting to go back into
ministry mode.
Where I just run on my own steam, and maybe build something
"successful" but have no heart for God... I've done it before and I
have a healthy fear of doing it again. Because I reproduce myself...
and I end up with disciples of Jessica instead of disciples of Jesus.
Pray with me, pray for me.
I need to love God. I need to love His word. I need to change.

Today we're going to look around for other alternatives to MoCo for
the outreach... that door appears to be closed. So pray, also for
divine direction for us.

I miss my bloggerati. See you late tomorrow night...

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