Sunday, March 19, 2006

We're gonna need backup

So here she is... this blog will serve when the other one is down. I have contacted blogger about it, and hopefully she'll be back in bizness soon.


  1. Thanks Jess

    THis makes withdrawel a little bit easier.........

  2. Thats pretty sad when I realize that I am so addicted that I have to add the back up Blog also to my favorites.......

  3. Whhew! *servants eyes sharpen as the blog fix sets in and does it's thang.

    I think blogger is doing a giant pschological experiment to see how we will all react to blog deprivation.
    They let it work great for a while to get us good and hooked then...WHAMMO! they snatch it away and catalogue the resulting sour emails and angry calls.

  4. VG- ya know, oil of olay will help with those eye bags and the roadmap complexion...

  5. I do believe Granny has been dissed

  6. Ok Servant, I will try the oil of olay, but it might be too late.... like you said....But what am i gonna do about the toad? He needs help too.......

  7. Now I know why Beth has to work so hard.....she had to make sure that you have enough flour and baking powder and sugar in the house at all times, so that you can continue to spoil the entire congregation.......

    I love my cookies a little bit TOO much..


  8. Kiss him. maybe he will turn into a prince and sweep you off your feet.

    Beth works very hard to provide baking supplies (and put me through school)

    It isn't a case of me spoiling the congregation though. We all do what God puts on our hearts and gives us talent for.In this case, God is using one servant to bless other servants.
    Isn't it wonderful that He LOves us as much as He does!He not only makes provision for our sin and provides our daily needs but he also shows us his love by moving our hearts to bless each other. The beauty of it is that the bleser recieves a blessing more than the one given. God is wonderful and mysterious.
    The body of Christ is cool. God thought of everything.

    I get so much blessing from all of you. Thank yall for being Christian mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters to me. You are a great support system to me.

  9. Awe..........

    Servant, you melt my heart....

    I think that you and Beth are fantastic.

    O and by the way....I have already had 2 or 3 toads in my life, that I was determined the "change" into Princes......not happening.

    This time I am taking the cheater way out.

    I am waiting on GOD>


  10. jessica,

    I get very confused sometimes.

    Why is it ok for you to view and post pictures on the blog but your dial up gets clogged with pics on your email?



    I sent you a pic of me and nanabanana and my aunt Grethe and then I remembered about dialup.



    I hate it when I forget important things..........


    I want to make ^^ that picture on my profile and I do not know how to do it......

    Anyone an expert?

  12. I know how to put a pic in from internet but not from my pics

  13. Jessica is singing her heart out!

    Can you imagine?

    She has a life outside of BLOGGING,

    unlike some of us.....


  14. hi vkg, hi servant...... and all others who are bonded together in the bond of blog-love...

    we ARE a family and I am so glad this avenue exists to give us the opportunity to share/discuss/gripe/create/laugh....

    vkg - i'm not too techno savvy - mostly experiment and get somewhere, then not remembering how i even did it...

    servant - THANK YOU SO MUCH for the medley of cookies. I know what you mean about the mysteries of God - the serving and giving usually does bring just as much joy to the giver/baker/server as the recipient of such wonders....

    I'm serious! You should go into business! Those cookies are great! Half of my tin are already eaten!!! (and I only had one...thank you very much)...but my family is truly enjoying themselves...

  15. I can find and change pics but I thought it might be nice to use one of my own pics....

  16. Hey Servant!

    Is this better?

    I kissed my toad and look!

  17. Wow! Good trick VG. I need some work done so i'm going to gather up some frogs and you come over and kiss them and then i will have a work force. Clammy can stay home and all will be well. We will probably even make enough to buy you some ointment for your lips (you'll need it after kissing all those frogs)

    MamaPC- I'm glad yall r n joying the cookies. My business is lurnin fer da tym bean.

    Seriously though,we do need to do a bake sale for Africa missions. That is an expensive trip and we have a good many people going. I'm not sure exactly how many but plenty. Hotrod and mommy3 r going...they would know.

    It would be fun to do a baking party.

  18. MPC-Clammy says she is going to be at women's encounter this weekend but that after that she is yours.

    I am also available for whatever you can use me for. I dont have much musical talent though. I can sing in a group.

    I can do drama. i love building props,cooking/baking,grunt labor,writing,carpentry, underwater basket weaving,and greased BB stacking,

    Also i can nod my head yes and try to comply with whatever...results vary.

  19. Nite ALL!

    All old foggies are off to bed now.

    Lites OUT!

    Happy Baking........

    and Happy BLogging

  20. servant,

    emails will be arriving by Monday evening explaining all about THE TRIBE and what will be happening....

    okay about weekend, clammy... but will def need you after that...

    anyone who wants to be in this TRIBE.... we need you.....and it is going to be great..... we had over 30 people sign up today!!! but, we need more voices in the, if you're reading here and are interested, please comment or write or call..... we still need singers... what about YOU jess?

    me and hannah are organizing all the people into what we all will end up doing...who will play which instrument, when rehearsals are, etc....

    KAT i need to talk with you again - every time i call, your machine picks up. call me!!!

    ok - pray with us about this, you all - that God's will be done...

    (Linds is making cookies for her man - to ship to New Orleans for their 3rd month anniversary of togetherness... the 22nd... how tweet.....)

  21. I can't, MPC... r1 wants me around and we're planning a vacation for 2 weeks from now... I want to do the next event, though...

  22. Okay, VKG, let me try to figure this out:
    Imagine my internet connection is a little wimpy electrical outlet, so I can only plug things into it that need a small amount of power to run...

    But the internet is a big monster electrical outlet... It can manage massive amounts of power. So it can carry large images without me having to pull them slowly bit by bit through my connection.

  23. also, when I upload pictures onto the blog, they are small quality... like 100 k
    A full size picture is like 1400 k... or 1.4 megabytes.
    So it would take me 14 times as long to load.

    If you know how to resize them and get them that small, I can receive them.

  24. okay jess -

    will look forward to working with you again...... your SNOW musical turned out quite nicely I might add...

    jakit - i still need a copy of that snow movie we did...... the dvd never would play for us...

    well - good night all. love and hugs...


  26. Your side of the neighborhood is going to drop down a bit lower in feet above sea level if you keep going on those cookies!!!

    I've got all the people organized on paper now - over 33 singers!!! that's a big deal!!! we still need more!!!

    Would you believe my girls are doing PILATES in the living room.... just started! they're two of the most disciplined girls i've ever known...and they are from my genes!!! go figure!!! they are trying to work off all the cookies. thanks james... you're adding to the waistlines and hip bulges of women in the community..... thanks.....thanks a lot......... :-)

    we sure like em though!!!

  27. papa jc is encouraging me to get off this and get to bed since i have to get up at 4:30 a.m. so..


  28. oh the sweet salty nutty chocolately goodness....

  29. FYI there are around 18-19 of us on the Africa trip team. The cost per person is around 2400.00. M-3 and my cost will be around 1000.00 more as we are extending our stay by 5 days to fly up to Botswana Africa and work with Love Botswana Outreach some friends of mine. They have me schuduled to preach in the Maun City Church the Sunday that we will be there.

  30. ccokies for supper, cookies for dinner, cookies for bedtime snack.......


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