Thursday, March 30, 2006


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Well, I had a glass of Coke yesterday at 1 and my mind has been
racing ever since. Sheesh. Late 20's is not all it's cracked up to be.
So we have this once a month fellowship and refreshing service at our
place Sunday night at 5. Our target group? College and Career. Now
what the heck does that mean? People go to college forever....
Richy has just said we won't put an age cap on it, as long as you're
out of high school. Pretty fun, I expect. When we did a group like
this before, it was one of my favorites. It's weird, as we get older,
our age range expands. We started doing ministry at 16 and 17 to
junior high-highschoolers. Graduated, got married (almost
simultaneously) and it became junior high-college age-ish. Then it
was "young adults". Then we added 20-somethings. Now we're college
and career, but Radiant really covers all those bases when they
travel. So here I am. 27. A young adult 20 something college and
career age young family gal.... and at least a 40 year old soul.

I miss doing ministry. I was glad to get out of it after I lost the
twins (June 2004) but now I am actually feeling excited about laying
hands on people. Not so much making intense discipleship
relationships.... yet. But just praying for people and blessing them.
So that's already exciting.

Also very exciting - Toby can roll from his stomach to his back now.
I feel like he's won the Pulitzer. I am inordinately proud of this
accomplishment. He just WHIP flips himself over whenever he wants!
Does this mean I have to move him out of the bassinet?? I'm
considering it but if he has to sleep in his crib I will really miss
him. (Sigh)

The MOG woke up before 6:30 yesterday and prayed and so forth... and
he liked it so he planned to do the same today. After 3 snooze
alarms, the alarm clock is now turned off. It was a short streak.

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