Thursday, March 16, 2006

Toby meets the new doctor

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Yesterday Toby and I went to the doctor to try to deal with a little
leftover thrush and his cough. When I read the name of the doctor, I
knew he was Chinese. (DISCLAIMER: I think it is amazing and great that
people are bilingual. Even one who speaks a second language badly
speaks more languages than me.)

My first great joy was filling out all Toby's paperwork. It had some
great questions, like:
" How many times you are pregnant"
" How long are you in labor"
And a little greeting like "Dear Parents with appreciation for filling
this out."
I was smiling all the way through. My dad and I loved this kind of
stuff. Once he bought an airplane toy with all the bonuses barely
translated on the box. Let me see if I can remember.... "She are flying
with great speed!" and so forth.
Then we actually went in... I wish you could have all been there. "Miss
Crark?" they called.
"Oh, he are preemie baby."
and some really great almost indecipherable questions ... how much
coughing, how much snot.... I can't even remember how it was phrased,
but I was grinning the whole time.
He was a sweet little old guy... I liked him a lot. So we got our
prescriptions and made an appointment for 2 months if everything are

NOTE: some updates on the countdown tickers page.

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