Thursday, March 9, 2006


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ahhh, the joy of normalcy. Today is Thursday, known in these parts as
"Trash Day". Not for any urban hip hop reason like today we talk smack.
Oh, no.
No, it is literally la dia de el hombres de basura.
When we moved out here to God Knows Where, Texas, I was greatly
impressed by the fact that we could burn our trash.
a) fire is cool
b) sometimes things explode
c) no keeping stinking trash around for the dogs to strew so the
neighbors can say... looks like somebody's in big time debt.

So, I was pleased and on occasion stood and watched how diapers melt
and so forth.
Then, some other residents of Radiantville, (heretofore known as the
Juans, and R1) decided we should join the revolution and pay for trash
service. I disagreed but Paul said, and I quote, "If you want to burn
all the trash and wait until the fire goes out and clean it up..."
something like that.

So now the trash guys come every Thursday and there's hardly any fire
around here at all.

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