Monday, March 6, 2006

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Toby has a cold. Poor little baby. He was trying so hard to breathe all night and etc, etc....
It's so much easier to be sick in the daytime.

What is it about laundry? You run out of detergent for a day or two. No big deal, you think. I'll buy some tomorrow.
In the meantime, the laundry Exodus occurs. Every item of clothing, towel, and sheet makes its way to the laundry room.
You are casually thinking, man, I will be glad when I can wash some socks.
The day comes when the detergent is here and you must face your destiny.
And laundry is stacked to the ceiling.
Every item containing fabric is in there.

If I had detergent, and just didn't wash clothes for 3 days, this wouldn't happen. It is only when I am incapacitated that all heck breaks loose and everybody throws up and pees and wipes peanut butter hands on their shirts and such.

So the plan for the day... wash some big stuff like blankets so at least it looks better in there.

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