Thursday, July 22, 2010

LOVE me, darnit.

These last couple of posts have been duds, as far as comments go... I mean, it's not like I'm starved for attention or anything... I have 3 small people in this house that sometimes are so overcome by doing the Velcro on their shoes without me that they fall down on the ground, distraught. My every act is scrutinized, to the point that I have started hiding in the closet to change clothes. Random statements I make are repeated to strangers in the checkout lane. It's like I live with the paparazzi.

So that's not it so much as I like feedback. Good feedback, not so much the youtube "this is the werst vidio Ive ever seen, u suck" variety.

You have to understand the degree of narcissism you're dealing with here. The MOG, on a regular occasion, will find me re-reading one of my own posts and chuckling devilishly.

Now, back to business. We haven't heard anything more from that potential birthmom, although she hasn't officially made a decision yet. What that means is we will probably not ever see this baby, but we have to kind of prepare for the contingency that she chooses us and we have a baby in the first week of August. We aren't really the preparing type, so we're mostly just doing other stuff and then we'll be really surprised and freak out a little if the baby comes to us. Which is exactly what we do when we birth babies.

And remember: still selling shirts, and I have 95 to go to reach my 100 shirt goal. So make a note, and buy one when your ship or paycheck comes in, and please spread the word. They are really cool shirts and a beautiful message. Plus, the cause ain't too shabby.


  1. Jess... listen to the NITA JOHNSON stuff I sent you and print the notes and you will be up to speed with what has hit Montgomery Co.

    I love you

  2. I love you Jess - and your blog. In fact if someone is in the room whilst I am reading, there is usually cause for me to laugh out loud & then have to read the sentence/paragraph out loud so that others may enjoy my amusement as well

    So there's some feedback - and hey, if you get that new kid it just may share a b-day w/ me (then I'll have to buy a second shirt)

  3. I like your blog a lot, so much in fact I think you should probably do some guest blogging. Just make sure it's for a good cause you believe in. Also, I think I will make root beer floats this weekend, and if you like root beer floats I will bring you one. Otherwise, I'll just bring you ice cream. Ok. bye.

  4. uh u do not want us to say u suk

    u dont

    u rock

    ur cool

    tell papparazzi to chill

    or get bigger closet with locking door


  5. I am currently standing at the counter where the computer for this store is located er...designated to check out customers..and guffawing at new posts, calling my co-workers who also need a life, to read and look at pictures. I'm quite sure similar scenes are happening all over so they, like me, don't have enough brain cells operating to make a remark, or have to wait on a customer who has the nerve to come in and interrupt my chortling.You make my day! mama

  6. this is good stuff. I should troll for comments more often.


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