Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the environment sticks it to me

Remember last week? When I was all "oh, the soft sweet sad rain. how I love it so" ? Yeah. Forget that. This week rain punched me square in the tripe-writer.

It started innocently enough. As I was begging and imploring all toddlers to quit jumping on my bed for the love of God and let me get my eyes open before I have to start screaming at you, it began to rain. Excitement ensued.

The MOG took them all downstairs to watch the rain in the sunroom, which is made of windows and insanity. I took the opportunity to lay back down. After a minute, though, I noticed that the sky over my skylight was greenish, and the trees around were kind of whipping around and generally behaving in a manner not befitting trees.

Let me put one part of this in perspective. Richy has been away on ministry for 3+weeks, after having been present-in-body-only for another couple of weeks during our Texas ministry trip. Let me put that in perspective. I have been mostly alone with my children for close to 2 months.

Being all alone in a tornado sounded pretty good.

I realized after a second that maybe I should go hunker down with my family, and then the power went out. For almost THREE days. Sigh.

Turns out, it wasn't a tornado. It was a thunderstorm, with a wall cloud that ripped through our neighborhood, tossing trees around like confetti and snapping power lines for blocks.  After 3 nasty, sweaty, internetless days, I thank God for the simple things in life, like wireless signals and air conditioning. Amen.

Oh, and my post at Moral Outcry is up for this week.


  1. Maybe the government has renamed what any nudnik would know was a TORNADO. Can we say "stuck on STUPID"?

  2. That was me. The cow.

  3. Hey did the power go out on the teen campers too?


  4. funny how i found myself missing you just last night... realizing i hadn't read a blog in too long a while... glad i came to check on a day when you were back! lots of love and affections, pal :)


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