Monday, July 5, 2010

abortion, adoption, hair and acceptance

My first post for Moral Outcry is up... if you're a regular reader around here, it won't be new information... but it's at a different URL, with lots of different readers, so that's exciting. I'll be writing over there once a week or so, assuming I don't run out of things to say. Go read it! Then come back. Or do it in whatever order you like... it's a free country, pretty much.

Now, back to me. I got my hair cut today. I printed out 3 pictures of Victoria Beckham, because I am not necessarily going for originality right now, and I want something cute but easy. Sidenote: the MOG, upon spotting the printout, asked if I was getting my hair cut like Posh Spice. It took me a minute to even process that he knew who Posh was. "...she's married to a soccer player..." he  explained, kind of lamely.

My original plan was to go to the beauty school, but they are only open Tuesday through Friday from 11:30-11:35. (this is an exaggeration) So I went to Great Clips and a guy with big square diamond earrings and an attitude was my stylist.

Now, I am pretty fearless about my hair. There are few things that could make me bail on a cut, once I'm in the chair. I stayed, years ago, when the Stylist-in-training said, "Wow, a bob. I've never done a bob before..." a little nervously. I stayed another time when my SIT's coworkers said, "You doin a cut?" with concern. I have had my ear cut, my hair butchered multiple times, sat through amazing instructor repairs, etc.

But this guy spooked me when he looked at the picture and sighed, "Oh, you want to look like everyone else." It shook me. I don't, you know. I don't want to look like all the other mommies, even though all the other mommies look great. I hesitated for a moment, and then I remembered that I don't look like anyone else, except the occasional lesbian comedian and a sibling or two. And Elvira, recently.

I buckled down and let K-Fed do the cut, and it's okay. I don't actually like it yet, but I'll figure it out in a few days.

This is heavy stuff, I know. I'll just let the Holy Spirit work on your hearts now...


  1. the occasional l_ _ _ _ _ _ n comedienne? who, ellen?

    you are beautiful, and whatever it looks like, people will only see YOU.



  2. Can I just say you are so flippin funny. Thanks for the laugh. Your hair is cute no matter what!!

  3. Dude. You're hair looks great. I'm currently recovering from a really bad hair decision. It was supposed to be all cute like Pink, but a little bit more mohawk. Instead I totally look like I run with my older sister's lesbian friends. It's grown out enough that I can't really hawk it anymore either. I'm just biding my time till I have enough for dreads. You are hilarous and I really like your hair!

  4. Pink's fauxhawk is so great. Tricky, though... that one's easy to mess up :)

  5. Hey, great article over there.

    Also, great haircut. You could never look like everyone else.

  6. beth, your comment came in my email but not here... I did not delete you or anything...

  7. haha!

    i had some comments delay like that on my blog to this morning. i think google must have the hiccups.


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