Tuesday, July 6, 2010

on raising some holy dorks

The dilemma is, how do I raise children that have good old American Mormon homeschool values (I am not Mormon, but they're a little more identifiably moral) without them seeming like, well, dorks?

Look, I'm old fashioned. I might love loud music, and live an unconventional life, but we don't talk about bodily functions or body parts, in much detail. I make them say "toot". They think "stupid" and "shut up" are swear words. And they say Ma'am. Oh, and they don't watch SpongeBob, or Shrek, or any of the other "children's" shows that are not really for kids. I try to teach them to be kind, and to love people, regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

And of course, they have a disabled brother, which makes them automatically more accepting and understanding that some people are different.

So how, now, do I teach them these principles and get the values in them, without making them judgmental? How does a kid be cool, and open-armed, and still have strong beliefs? Today, Toby was just about to launch into a lecture when the McD's lady gave them free Shrek watches, and I distracted him with food... close one.

I can imagine it, though. Toby'll be all gorgeous and hip at 15 years old with his surfer hair and his musical skills, and then he'll open his mouth and sound like Charles Finney. Like an 80 year old Charles Finney.

I just want them to be holy, and at the same time, love freely. Like Jesus. Of course, Jesus didn't keep his mouth shut...


  1. I struggle with this too. Then somehow my kids became 13 and 12, they laugh at me for making them say toot, tush, and yes mom. I quickly remind them that when they have kids they'll thank me. Then I hear a story of something I did when they were younger that they now think is crazy and I hold my ground while offering to pay for their therapy.

  2. I should also add that not only do they laugh at me they love Jesus passionately, they love orphans deeply, they long to adopt when they grow up, they seek His face daily, and watching their budding faith in our King seems to wash away the shudder that happens to this old fashioned mama when they say butt or belch too loud or quote a line from Shrek.

  3. How do you teach *them* to do it?

    Heck, how do i teach *ME* to do it?

    Honestly, i do know the answer to the second one. It's totally the work of the Holy Spirit and His understanding that allows me to do it.


  4. I'll never forget when I was teaching, and a student reported that another student said "the s word." I was SO relieved when I found out it was "stupid."

  5. I was raised up believing stupid and shutup where bad words. I couldn't watch disney movies either. Anything that involved magic was cut out when i was a child. Im a on fire Jesus loving san antonio student. growing up i realized that the way i was raised allowed me to see what was right and wrong at a early age. It also gave me a stronger conviction that i didn't see in others. I'm glad my parents raised me this way. My sister has two sons a 5 yr old son and a 14 yr old adopted son. She has raised them up the same way my mother has and they are fine. I believe this allows your children to have greater morals then others and this is from experience. lol just to add ..My mother only allows her grad children to watch boomerang it has all these old cartoons. God Bless. -Caleb Solis

  6. No idea. My oldest is almost 7. The youngest starts kindergarden next week. I TRIED to ward her teacher... the teacher sooo did NOT listen. She will see. I'm thinking I can't get blamed for rediculous parenting if I tried to warn her for the things that may pop out of my child's mouth... right?? My tiny little flower smelling, twirling at the slightest sound of worship is very quick to LOUDLY point out, "that is EVIL!! We have to throw it away!.. Mom, they don't love Jesus because they have that EVIL thing... see??" Yeah. It was a witch costume ON a child. Ugh.


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