Thursday, December 10, 2009

in which inspiration fails me


Zero fiction today. Here's the deal. I started writing this story, and I loved the first couple of weeks, and then I started stalling. I don't know where it's going! I don't know what happens! I am lost, lost at sea and stuck. And the chapters are getting weaker and weaker. So. I will try to fix it, but right now it's all stretched and weird. So I am abandoning it for the time being and maybe inspiration will strike and I will write more.

That's what you get for being guinea pigs.

I have decided instead to resurrect the not-too-long-dead tradition of Ms. Smartypants!

Smartypants is your greatly helpful semi-annual advice and support columnist. Have a holiday question? Termites? Neuroses? MSP is your gal! Submit your interesting and amusing questions of a general nature today through Monday, and Dame Smart├ęPants will respond on Monday sometime, Lord willin.

For inspiration, you should read the SP archives. Seriesly.


  1. Sp,

    Who is the sappiest Christian Fiction writer?-G

  2. How does one convince one's husband that piles of dirty laundry do not belong all over the house, in bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen!?!

  3. Dear Mrs. Intelligent Clothing -

    What is the best way to infect co-workers/family/friends w/ the Christmas Spirit so that holiday events and songs can be enjoyed without repercussions???

  4. Dear Ms. Smartypants:

    I am 21 weeks pregnant. Why do people talk to my belly before they talk to me? Why also do they touch it, like it's a good luck charm?

  5. SP, At what age is it appropriate for children to begin playing with matches? Thanks for all your fantastic insight, I'm a huge fan!

  6. What are your favorite fiction books? What do you recommend?

  7. sp ~

    why can't i sign into my old blog so i can switch it to the new set up?? am i just a techno geek or is blogger insane??? how can i do this?? I want to start posting blogs on my old blog because its SET UP and i like it alot but when i try to switch to the new google account it says it can't find my old blog!!!! ugh!!! please help me!!



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