Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The tree is in the bag

When I last left you, 35 seconds ago, I had made glancing reference to a plan to buy a Christmas tree. Now, I don't know if you're new to this blog, but I am a cheery Christmas elf, and I would start celebrating in September, except years ago, I was restrained by force. Put the phone down, I was actually only restrained by a request, because I am so submissive like that. Anyways, the MOG requested strongly that I not play Christmas songs prior to December the 1st. That worked for a couple of years, until KSBJ started playing Christmas music the day after Thanksgiving. Then I could be all like, "What? I'm just listening to the radio... are they playing Sleigh Ride? Over and over and over again? Huh. Go figure."

Anyways, what I am getting at here is that my husband, while a big BIG fan of Christ, is not so much about Christmas. Or any holiday, really. So you take one cheery Christmas in September-celebrating elf and one Scrooge less celebratory figure, and its a bit of a struggle to get the ol' Christmas S. up and running.

I get decent participation on December 24th and 25th. The rest of the time I have to keep the harping up at a steady pace to get the tree decorated and a strand of lights here and there.

This year, I have a co-conspirator in Toby. He is stoked about Christmas music, and lights, and snowmen and pretty things and is well on his way to being my decorating partner for the next 18 years or so, until some female comes along and steals him from his mother who gave birth to him. Toby is helping to inspire the MOG and by next year I expect Bean to be fully on board and then we will finally get an 8 foot inflatable snowman. For now, I will wait until Himself comes home from his meeting and then I will decorate the tree while he stands around and recommends a different method.


  1. Your already thinking about the day some woman comes and steals Toby from his mother whom birthed him? :0)

    I totally ban KSBJ during the holidays but I love Baby Jesus,Christmas trees,lights, giving gifts, and anything else that comes with Christmas!

    I don't get to get into it till later in the month cause the first half is spent celebrating all of the Dec.birthdays. Isaac 19th, Randy 21, Merci 27... gotta fit those celebrations all in before we go broke on Christmas...

    Let me ask you something. Growing up decorating the tree was ALL ABOUT the kids! My parents loved to watch us decorate it in our little imperfect ways. and that tradition has been passed on to my family. We decorate as a family. BUT... i was recently talking to some ladies who might possibly we reading this cause they only stalk your blog and don't comment ;0) They were saying how there mom always decorated the tree. and it was never even a thought that the kids would dare touch it.She said she remembers just standing in awe at this beautiful tree her mother created! soooo just curious... is this a JESSICA tree? Or a family tree?

  2. good question. as I am at a lack for blogging material of late, maybe I will blog about it. Later, of course. I don't drink coffee, so I figure I'm entitled to a good hour and a half of grumpy laziness in the morning.

  3. i have been grumpy today too.. a little. I have been looking for my glasses since 8am! JUST NOW TAKING A LUNCH BREAK! So far i emptied EVERYTHING out of my bed room. Took the search as an opportunity to get the dust bunnies from under the bed and all the base borders. STILL NO GLASSES! Lucky for me Isaac has his Diego backpack on and his handy flashlight and searching for me.


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