Wednesday, December 23, 2009

No words

I don't have much to say today. Today? maybe you're saying. How bout since THURSDAY? Good point. I had stuff to say then but we've been traveling and such and the internet is spotty out on the road. I'm currently using a pirated signal at my mom's house, which works the best when the people it belongs to are at work or something.

I've been thinking. Deep thoughts, about life and purpose and potential and death. I've also been writing. But today, I can't write about any of it.

I'm sick of death. I tried to write something today that could be light and funny, and I just don't have it. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. We all have those days!

    Love you!! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. One time when I was grieving a death Mom said to me

    "People come, people go"

    I thought that was pretty harsh at the time, but as the years go by sometimes it is a comfort to think of it that way and it helps to understand it that way.-G

  3. Feeling you on this one. Death is a hard thing to start with, but with the "early deaths" lately it just seems... uhh... no words to describe. This is where our trust in God's supreme sovereignty becomes very real.

  4. man. i almost called you tonight. i was buckling. i couldn't escape. it was surreal and completely blinding. pretty sure some scales are falling from eyes.

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  6. I keep reminding my self in the midst of all the losses this year in the church plus the two losses in my family that this sting of death that i keep feeling is what gives me hope and expectation for heaven! for the new earth! This sting is what reminds me of the devastation that sin in the world creates. Therefor it pushes me toward Gods ways! because well HIS WAY WORKS! ;0)

    I trust and believe GOD CAN DO ANYTHIGN!!!! but it doesn't always happen. and that's ok with me! Rather than begging him to do things or expecting things of Him i just TRUST! I know many disagree with that but...for me it has removed so much disappointment.

    When i gave my life to him in my bedroom at 14 He didn't promise me that he would do miracles for me, or that i would never get sick or that i would see smoke or fire. He said, " I will never leave you or forsake you" and to this day he has never! the miracles we desire are around us all the time. the miracle is that we live in this crazy world and still have hope in HIM! The miracle is our lives and how we deal with everything around us and how it looks soooo different from the world. and from what i have seen... even in all the loss around me, the reactions (though of course there is pain and loss) I have seen sooo much hope in the hearts of Gods people.

    Though I would LOVE to see miracles and would love to have to attend any more funerals... God is in control! and I choose to trust! and that alone.... is a miracle because last yr... i could have NEVER said that.


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