Monday, October 6, 2008

Smartypants rules the galaxy

misskerri said...
Dear Ms. Smartypants: Why do people always say "I want to help... let me do something" when you don't really need them, and then disappear when you're overwhelmed?

Oh dear reader, they were probably just having a little joke on you. Silly rabbit.

Oh, where do dustbunnies come from?

Being that this is a family blog, I will keep it simple. When two dustbunnies love each other very much....

Ms Smartypants:
Does Bedste have a boyfriend? -G
Precious reader: Bedste is keeping her options open. She may have been attracted to "Dozer Guy", and maybe even "Larry" the lawnmower thief. She is currently holding out for a more spiritual option, who is also flush with cash.

Is Mama Lord?
No, no. Mama is a Caucasian female. Lord is very likely a homeless black man, per Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Will Shannon and Mere ever see their feet this decade?
Ahem. Seeing that "Mere" gave birth a few weeks ago, maybe this is a bit of a touchy subject. What real merit is clear visibilty, anyway?

anonymous said...
why does Tobias have a green ribbon in his hair?

Why does Tobias sample French Toast sticks from under the shelf at the thrift store? Why does Tobias proudly inform when he has peed on the floor? Why does Tobias remove the ancient a/c vent covers and throw toys down the hole? This is a mystery, but I am speaking of Tobias and his weirdness.

I was going to write a very angsty post this morning, about loneliness, and friendship and the human condition. I thought of it last night around 3 am, when Toby had a dirty diaper and woke up screaming and then came and slept in my bed. Lucky for you, since then I've had two meals and been to Walmart. I am now feeling much more positive about life in general, and the possiblity of a nap for yours truly. 6 days till the MOG comes home!


  1. Mere informed me on Sunday morning that she can now see her feet. Yes, they are still there & she is excited about it!

  2. Good SP answers. The Rev. Wright comment cracked me up. Good to know someone else's toddler is peeing on the floor these days!

  3. After saying I’m still not planning to vote for McCain/Palin, I was asked over the weekend if I'm voting for Obama. I'm repost my answer from this morning to make it’s seen.

    Am I voting for Obama? No

    But the question now then is, “who am I voting for?"

    Read my posting on my blog here.

    I have much I’ve been wanting to say, but shouldn’t use up Jess’ blog for. Comments are welcome on my blog.

  4. I loved the dustbunny answer. I am glad we cleared these important questions up. I am especially glad Bedste traded Larry the lawnmower thief for a spiritual person with cash.-G

  5. how much do you charge josh to advertise his blog everyday on your blog?

  6. well fema finally showed up to clear all the downed trees from the road. to think i cut it all up with a chainsaw i had to go buy, then labored vigorously transporting it to my back yard (where i intend to burn it, much to the dismay of the HOA). i could have left the mess in my front yard and let someone else handle it. GREAT i wish someone would come along and buy my gas, tell me what foods to eat, what to watch and who do vote for. all this thinking is crazy i just want to have fun and be entertained. responsiblity bah!!! who needs it

  7. Seriously, Bill. I mean, why even go to work? You've been traumatized, and it's that darn George Bush causing all these hurricanes, anyway.

  8. I charge Josh $400 a day, billed to his personal credit card.

  9. bill
    our liberal media has told us who to vote for
    vote for obamaramadingdong

  10. That's where that $400 a day keeps coming on my credit card.


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