Monday, October 20, 2008

prayer storm

So this weekend we participated in the Prayer Storm here with our local churches in Conroe. And by local, I mean "loco".

Seriously. Ever since my sister Leah got taken to heaven and such, she has been so weird. It's great. She now has a dance company that does awesome prophetic intercession through movement. So this weekend we blasted it from the stage with the musicians, and they blasted it from the floor with the dancers. It was intense.

Again, my inner imp, (it's not a demon) would just occasionally observe the goings-on and say, "You know, this looks pretty wacky, what with the modern dancers with sticks and us up on the stage screaming, 'Life! Life! Life!'" But then my more spiritual and currently dominant side would be all like, "Well, who cares? Prayer moves things! Let's keep praying!"

A couple of times I thought, "What might my life have been like if I had been born to Baptists?" No offense to other denominations... I just love me some Charismania sometimes.

Last night I sang in between Richy and Daniel's guitar amps. It was kind of like having a prayer meeting at Guitar Center, only less demons. Man! It is the funnest EVER to do corporate intercession with the Radiants. I really really miss being a part, so anytime I get to get up there and participate, it is thrilling. It was a very successful Prayer Storm, both in terms of participation from all three congregations and effective prayer... let's see God move in Montgomery County!

In other news, I am still thirty. I found myself insulting Daniel multiple times over the weekend about his youth. He is 25. I, as you may or may not recall, am 30. Vastly older and more experienced... I remember when I was 25.

I have 5 more days in Texas... already had some Mexican food, although believe you me I will be having some more... yesterday the MOG and I simultaneously lifted our hands in thanks to the Lord after tasting the salsa from Rancho Grande... the Lord's salsa.


  1. I think calling Rancho Grande's salsa as "The Lord's salsa" might be a stretch. Besides you have not had Will Richard's Don't cry for me habenero salsa. That is some hot stuff!

    Prayer storm was great, and Matt said to tell you thank you for your wacky family. We are also glad you where not born Babtist. You all make him feel normal.

    Allthough I personally think calling himself normal is bit of a stretch for me. I live with him he is far from normal.

  2. I read G's post about Grandmothers and I realized that describes my Granny! My mom's mom. She always wore skirts and had gray hair up in a bun. She cooked really good and called us names like sweetie pie. She had perfectly polished pink finger nails and also wore a single strand of pearls.

    She also was a huge Oilers fan and drove a light blue Ford Ltd covered in Oilers stickers and never missed Nascar. And she said strange things like "Oh my stars and garters" and "We are all going to hell in a handbasket". So I guess you can't win them all. But she definately followed a majority of the rules.

  3. I thought last night, "I might be a Baptist." Or..maybe a monk. But I DO know God likes faith, and faith moves mountains. I think God likes us. - Richy

    (clarification: "Baptist" meaning more reserved etc..)

  4. I think G has been watching too much cartoons. The grandmother she described sounds exactly like the little ole grandmother in the Sylvester and Tweety cartoons.

  5. Please pray for this family that lost their three daughters (ages 13, 11 and 10) in a home fire this weekend. We know most of the people at the church they attended. I don’t know yet if Shannon knew this family or not.
    Here is a link to the news story and message from the pastor sent in an email.
    Click here for new story

    The church family at Rivers Fellowship has suffered a great tragedy. Emily, Michaela, and Katie Ballard were unable to escape a devastating house fire last night and are no longer with us. These three girls were special to our congregation. Some of you from around the state may remember them from youth camp. Needless to say, we are grieving along with their family. Please pray for us, especially for their grandmother, Ann Mitchell, who brought them to church with her and for their mother Judy, who has lost her three daughters.

    ~Pastor Rob Judd, Jr.

  6. If you are interested, click here for an article with pictures of the girls that died in the fire.

  7. Hummmm....I was wondering why I am seemingly more reserved than most, now I have a good excuse. I was born to a Baptist and a Catholic....doesnt get any less charismatic than that. And here I kept thinking that it is just cause I have spent the last almost 6 years of my life insite.




    (Gomer Pyle accent)

  9. I didn't know the girls who died in the fire. It hurts seeing lives end like this. I am so sad for the family. The youth leaders & pastor of the church are close friends of mine. (in their early 30's)

    So, on Sunday on our way to church just before 11am.. I thought about how it is your & Richy's first Sunday down in TX. I then think, 'oh it's almost 1pm in TX, they are probably on the way to -or- eating Mexican food!' ha ha

  10. i am covetous of your tastebuds experiencing la mexicana...................................


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