Friday, October 3, 2008

Cween up, cween up


When R1 is gone, I tend to clean a lot. This is a strange phenomenon, since he would like me to clean a lot more when he's here. The thing is, when he's here, I want to hang out with him, and also, I want him to do it. When he's gone, the buck stops here.

So every night I clean enough that if CPS showed up in the morning, there'd be no fodder for the local news. (I once was reported to CPS for refusing to work with a certain physical therapist for R2. They threw the case out the next day. I however, have evidently been traumatized).

Anyways. Every morning the kitchen looks pretty good and the living room is spotless. My room has been somewhat neglected. I have a brain problem. If it seems like something is full, like a drawer, for example, then I just freeze up. Where will I put this shirt? I think. So I set it on top of a dresser or shelf and there it sits for the duration of my life.

Along with the space issue, if it's a variety of messes, I freeze up. So look in my room.Several baskets of clean wrinkled laundry. A box of sundries collected by my husband and put in here for me to sort. Toys, toys, toys. One of 5 different pairs of shoes. Hair clips, jewelry. A giant stack of papers. Some. vital. Others, completely insignificant. Sometimes when it's like this I just stop. Where to start? What to do? Holy Moly! I have to move.

Today I determined to take it all on. Even if it was all I did today. So I started with the box of sundries since that's the most confusing. I put it up on a closet shelf. Check. Out of sight...

Then I took all the toys and threw them in the hallway, much to Toby and Bean's delight. Used binder clips to clip my earbuds to the bulletin board. Sorted papers into "discard now" and "stack nicely". Now, that looks better. Put nail polish and hair accessories in a pile in the bathroom. Hid random software and computer guts in a bookcase.

Now there is a giant mountain of clean laundry to be sorted and folded and put away, or folded and put on top of various surfaces.

Flylady, eat my dust.

In other news, we appear to be getting over the plague. Fewer hell-diapers and no puke in a day or so. 

What stinks is I am already over saturated in the Marriage Bank. The amount of horribleness I have had to deal with, and will deal with in the next 10 days, can't be made up. My husband is going to have a serious budget deficit. 

Last night I was telling him I was going to go to a hotel alone when he came home... he quickly assured me, "Hey, I'm going to help with the kids! You can go to the library, the thrift store, whatever!" (bolding mine) I am thinking more along the lines of 3 days in Cancun. Alone. 

Don't get me wrong, I miss him, a LOT. I just wish that daddies had a glimpse of what life is like for mommies sometimes. 

Miss Smartypants is ready for your questions! Advice, etiquette, croquet, and political questions can be submitted over the weekend, and if they are of any amusement, they will be answered on Monday! Submit your inquiries now!


  1. Oh, and I thought Palin rocked it. Great debate.

  2. It was so refreshing, actually by both of them. I really like that guy. i'm not voting for him but He became very real for me. I hope that for those on the opposite side something similar may happen.Sarah Palin is terrific. What a joy for us all. it's time for a change and last night gave me some real hope.high time we dropped the facades. God bless us all. mama

  3. yaaaa. 5 days straight for the daddies. i could write a paragraph of all the repeated wearisomes- with adjectives!- for Josh to take part in alone. but I'm too tired.

    & God tops it off with achy exhaustion pregnancies? why? still worth it.

    baby's taking joy in me.. sayin' 'mama' & wanting affection balances it out. ya, Josh misses out on things too.

  4. Can I just say that I love your blog? I was actually sitting and thinking about you this morning, and this was my exact thought..

    "That wonderwoman deserves like, three days in Cancun, Alone."

  5. Oh beloved beautiness of the bestest! Oh how I love thee. you deserve 3 Cancun trips! No more sickness, GRACE GRACE GRACE! I love you. See you soon! - Richy

  6. Dear Ms. Smartypants: Why do people always say "I want to help... let me do something" when you don't really need them, and then disappear when you're overwhelmed?

    Oh, where do dustbunnies come from - I think they're breeding under my bed

  7. funny description of home cleaning.

    3 day vacation for the wife sounds good if she wants it. I would have no problem handling things.

  8. oh josh... them's fightin words....

  9. Ms Smartypants:
    Does Bedste have a boyfriend? Is Mama Lord? Will Shannon and Mere ever see their feet this decade?Tune in next week for Days of the Blog...-G

  10. Wanna fight? Bring it on...

    I've watched half of the VP debate. I still don't plan to vote for McCain/Palin, but Palin has done a great job so far for the debate.

  11. No matter what you thought about Ron Paul during his presidential campaign, you have respect him for being dead right about the financial crisis, and speaking for the people.

    You should read his statement he gave on floor of the House after the passage of the bailout. Not many politians are so bold. Read here

  12. why does Tobias have a green ribbon in his hair?

  13. Toby and Brynn look so much alike it is difficult to tell who this is a picture of. It looks like Tobias Paxton to me.

    When is your MOG coming home baby?

    50% BO 43% JM I guess the rest are undecided.......Latest Poll

    Nanna Banana watches CNN 24/7 almost literally

    I know EVERYTHING as soon as it happens..........

    I already think I know everything..

    Actually....I have the mind of Christ and I know that I do not KNOW anything. God is so awesome and mercyful and patient.

    I am HIS favorite and it is wonderful..

    St Mary's was good this morning.

    My mother is Catholic and I enjoyed worshipping God and being respectful and honoring my mother.

    Somewhere in between being told to "leave my bible, we do not use those" and to stop moving and stand still while singing....I found God.,

    He is so wonderful.

    I know that HE reveals Himself wherever HE chooses.....and I was quickly brought to tears...

    I saw my dear sweet Mama...... worshipping respectfully and
    very seriously repeating and reciting and so on........

    God just zapped me.........

    I am so glad that she is searching and worshipping and praying

  14. josh
    u votin 4 obama???

  15. Am I voting for Obama? The answer is No.

    But the question now then is, “who am I voting for”

    Read my posting on my blog here.

    I have much I’ve been wanting to say, but shouldn’t use up Jess’ blog for.


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