Thursday, October 9, 2008


So I took the day off yesterday. Sue me. On second thought, don't.

This morning I got my special request to sleep in... I have been up at 7 for about a thousand years now, and my brain won't shut off till midnight. So I was operating on a bit of a sleep deficit. I had written out explicit directions for the workings of the morning household as to not be disturbed, and I was only disturbed once, not bad...
Being that I have exceedingly loud children, I didn't actually sleep till they were screaming on the opposite end of the house. Then I fell asleep and slept till nearly 10 thank you Ricky Spark and Jesus....

Then me and the babies went to a new branch of the library, where evidently it is Senior Hour, every hour. We felt the burning glares on a quick sweep through the fiction section, so tried to wrap it up pretty swiftly. It would have been a slam-dunk on the outing-lunch-nap schedule, except for the whole-I-locked-the-keys-in-the-van- fiasco. We pay $3 a month on our cell plans for a free locksmith service (shut up) so that would have worked... except I also locked my phone in the van. So we had to go back in the library and talk to the head Senior, who reluctantly let me use the library phone. We then waited outside, since they hate us at this library. The MOG caught a ride with a buddy and came and saved the day.

So now we're home, and naptime has begun, about an hour and a half late. But hey, who's counting?


  1. The phrase "better late than never" was probably coined in reference to children's naps. They get CRAZY with no nap.

  2. how's r2's schoolin' goin?
    still lovin it?

  3. Happy Bday to Jennifer H! today

    and me tomorrow

  4. For those that don't know, Jere and Mere still don't have internet access, so we only have a few pictures of Rachel....

    (FUNNY... I just now, as I'm typing, got a new picture message text... )

    Rachel is beautiful, and doing great. She's is gaining weight and looking good. Jere and Mere are both doing well.

  5. Happy Birthday Beth! I love you! mama


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