Thursday, October 2, 2008

oh boy

I am not feeling so great at the moment. Super bummer. Especially because I got invited to a cool lady's house to have coffee (or you know, whatever) and now we can't go because we are siiiiiick. 

Pray it passes quickly, and no puking. I hate puking maybe even more than the devil.


  1. Vomiting is the worst symptom of sickness ever.

    That and fever. I hate fever chills. praying you guys feel better!

  2. It's probably a virus which will pass quickly. I had food poisoning last weekend and at first I thought it was a virus but there was a lot of pain with this and I am pretty sure it was food poisoning.
    i am fine now and I pray that you be healed immediately in Jesus'name! No vomiting! No chills and fever! Thank You Lord Mama

  3. I mean thank you Lord. Mama...Not Lord Mama. Saint Mama maybe...Anyways I am believing you will hop out of bed and run around the house about 10 times

  4. hey is there a new religious sect being formed in here?

    the lord mama church

    woo hoo

    now that is funny

    love to have laughs

    laughing is goooood

  5. My goodness, I go to work one day and Mama called herself Lord and VKG gots a boyfriend. I need to stay on top of yall.
    Anon asked if VKG has a boyfriend in dozer, what is that?-G

  6. House passed the bailout. Goodbye value of the US dollar.


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