Thursday, October 23, 2008

You might have heard that my husband has a new computer. I get to use it sometimes, like when he's asleep or now, when he is ankle deep in xlr cables and such. So I finally get to update the ol' blog.

Today I went to lunch with some mommies, saw Julie D's new baby (congrats!) and got to hang out with Steph, which has been long needed. Now I am perched in the sound booth at Christ the King whilst the guys set up for the concert maƱana. I don't really help so much. For one thing, I am a weenie and can not carry heavy things to and fro. For another thing, I am a slacker. Also, I don't know much about sound. More than the average bear, sure. But not enough that I am very useful around here. It's a good thing I make good babies. That is my special job.

And that's all I got. Peace, I'm out.


  1. wow
    no comments
    ev1 must b @ rancho grande

  2. hey, jess,
    i sent you an email that came back to me. what's up?

  3. I want to see pictures of Julie D. & family.. Does anyone know if she has a myspace/facebook/website? Does anyone have any pictures of her family? sivadnorahs? : )

    She hasn't used her blogspot in a long time.

  4. Hello Shannon,

    Good thing I checked out the blog today. I don't think Julie has myspace or anything like that. I called her to let her know that you were interested in seeing photos of my precious gkids. :-)
    I hope she will find time to send some to you. Does she have your email?

    I have not even seen the newest addition yet as I am sick and I don't want to expose anyone to germs. (I did not even make it to the Radiant music last night at CTK & I really wanted to go so much.)


  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sharon- We don't have a current email address for Julie. I just emailed Jess to get Julie's, and then we'll email her.

    Folks can mozzie over to my blog for some cheesy Keith funny stuff, stuff.

  7. Radiant revalution dot com does not work any more for JESS.....

    happy ....I will email you your pic.......miss James.

    Love James....miss my cookie man.

  8. Jess......I am so glad that you made it home.....John Denver Stinks Big Time!

    I am over at the home of my favorite Caleb and Jade.......

    Do not feel like signing in this pooter....


  9. attention everyone
    all my emails are crashed and my tech support is on tour....
    clarkfamily96 at yahoo still works. also, josh- I will text you a pic of abby davis... what a cutie!

  10. Good Grief! What a pain in the .......

  11. hahahaahahah

    OH, that was funny!

  12. Happy 7th Anniversary to my beautiful bride!!!

  13. Actually or emails are housed on a Pee Cee in Seattle! Seriously. Now THAT'S funny - Richy

  14. What's a Pee Cee?

  15. : ) thanks Josh

    Everyone: I posted pictures from our baby showers & my 37-week maternity photos --taken by Josh.
    He did so well & he really enjoyed photographing them.


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