Thursday, May 29, 2008

We're heading out of here in about 10 minutes to go be a part of  this conference. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope the wee ones are cooperative so I can sit in some of the meetings. 

I am now missing 8 keys, and 2 or 3 others are stuck, thank you Toby. It is becoming progressively harder to type.

Last night was the memorial service for our friend Juan. It was good, in the way that sad things are good. We celebrated his life and his legacy... continue to pray for the family... this is such an impossible thing to navigate.
Death is always a thief. And it's never really expected. And even though we have heaven, and death is not eternal for Christians, it's a bitter pill to swallow here on earth. Thank God for heaven. :)


  1. that was a very good way to put it. i agree with anonymous.

  2. jess, you wouldn't miss so many keys if you wouldn't have so many houses..... or cars....

    what keys are you actually missing?

    i am tired. thankfull, but tired....

    and we leave tomorrow to drive to OKCity to see John's sister Norma who is planning her own funeral....

    she doesn't have many more days left on this earth....

    have you ever noticed how special each person who's gone before us is??? it's like those who said about Juan - that they are going to help prepare the place for us.....

  3. i'm STILL sorry about the Christmas outfit I am wearing - I've TRIED to get out of it.... but NO! it won't change!

    any ideas or suggestions how I can get rid of that picture...

    I'm tired of the turning back and forth and seriously, I've run out of presents!!!

  4. MPC,

    i believe jess was talking about the keys with which she types



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