Thursday, May 22, 2008



You may have noticed that most of my posts lately include a picture. This is on the express demand of the MOG... and it works out, since I take about 12 pictures a day.

Today we have a neurosurgery appointment... these are quite boring, since everything they need to know about is inside his skull. Or thereabouts.

So we'll spend the day dressing and bathing all thirty kids, and pack them in the van and drive around forever and unpack them and their paraphernalia, and walk around hospitals forever, and sit in waiting rooms and use gummy snacks for bribes, and color and beg Toby to STOP already, and so on.

All to get in the room and tell the doctor, no vomiting, no headaches or swelling or any other sign of shunt malfunction. We will repeat this information to the desk clerk, the decoy doctor, and finally, the neurosurgeon.

Nobody will believe we know anything, and they will give us a pamphlet we could have written about shunt malfunction. We will try not to be snarky and say that our child had a shunt while they were still in medical school. And finally, we will all smile and shake hands and pack all 400 kids and go home.

Tomorrow, we see the neurologist. That's a little more interesting.

Oh, and American Idol? Yessss.... the best man won. Now I will have a TV hiatus until January.


  1. I like the more pictures too.

    Just one question- How did you go from thirty kids at the start of your story to 400 at the end?

    I think you may want to check your bags for hospital escapees.

  2. I like seeing your pictures more often too!

    That sounds like a hard process-- going to the hospital. With so many kids!! ha ha

    I found Shannon J. now has a blog, & I got to read what the issues were with her baby Hudson.

  3. 103 degrees in TEXAS and 73 in KC..

    Park City Utah is snowing.....and 39 degrees.

    Uganda is 68 and 5am.....

    Little Richy is very handsome in this picture....He is such a good lookin TOE head.......

    I wonder why peeps ever started calling white haired yungins Toe Heads or TOW heads.....

  4. 1. tow head

    tow headed is literally "flaxen haired". This meaning of tow comes from Middle Low German touw (which means "flax, hemp fiber"). This probably went back to the prehistoric Germanic base *tow-, *taw "make, prepare" (source also of English tool), in the sense "make yarn from wool; spin".
    he's a real tow head

    2. tow head

    A person with very light (almost white) blond hair, "tow" being flax or hemp fibers. Tow-headed, along with fair(-haired) and flaxen-haired, is a tradional way in the English language to refer to blond hair or lightly-colored hair, having come from its old Germanic roots (which are quite rare).

  5. hope that was helpful

  6. Pam!~~ Forecast for the wedding looks like 86 degrees with scattered thunderstorms.. oh my!

    It was going to be outside, right??

    At least it won't be really hot. Hope it doesn't rain.. even if it does, Lindsey will still make it fun. : )

    I wish I could come.
    I wish I had my wedding outside.. I've seen others' wedding pictures since we married & it looks so pretty. Yet I would've hated if it was humid though. Me & my dislike for humidity & heat.

    Maybe for our 7 year anniversary we could get some pictures at a beautiful park outside! That'd be awesome. haha, well this Oct. I'll be just about to deliver, those would be some sweet/funny/unique pictures. Not sure about it??

  7. Thanks Anony!

    That was very helpful.

    48 hours and counting.........

    My house will be filled with noisy laughing crying running thumping soon.


    I am up late on a work night waiting on 2 little sleeping angels to be taken home.....

    Being a grandmother is a kick in the pants....

    Hey ...where did that expression come from.

    One day I researched "Cut n Shoot" and also "Cut and Shoot" looking for the true roots of the area and how it got its name...

    All I found was some cockamany story about some child running through the woods making a short cut to his grandmothers house and he said "I am going to cut and shoot through the woods to Grandmas" and the people who heard it decided that it was a good name for the town.

    That sounds like a real far fetched story to me.

    Happy Friday in 28 minutes.......

  8. Well, if no one else is going to comment on A.I., I guess I will. Happily, David Cook won and I was a little pensive about him pulling it off after the judges delcared Archy the winner of the last round. I didn't get to see the show though. Instead I went to see "IronMan" with my bro and sistoria. Granny held down the fort and was able to give a few details. She said it was a really good show. I too like this picture of R2 - he is a handsome fellow indeed! Can't wait to see ya'll next week! Be safe coming home!

    Aunt Tammy

  9. What I found about “kick in the pants.” It’s mostly a negative connotation, but can only be known by the context (your grandkids vs. a $10,000 bill you got).

    1. Also, a kick in the teeth. A humiliating setback or rebuff. For example, That rejection was a real kick in the pants, or That review was a kick in the teeth. A third, vulgar variant of these colloquial terms is a kick in the a**. Versions of this last expression-- kick in the breech, kick in the behind--have been used since the early 1800s.

    2. A cause of enjoyment, as in That show was a real kick in the pants. This meaning is virtually the opposite of def.

    These can be differentiated from it only by the context.


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