Thursday, May 15, 2008

old yeller

Well, the outrage has compelled me to post, albeit quite late. I have been in the process of blonde-ing myself.

Yesterday I got to a bright orange. Today, after a ridiculous amount of time under chemicals, I am more like a goldy-pale orange. Like a marigold, maybe. The only problem is, I wanted to be more like a lily. Like a faintly yellow-tinted lily. Oh, and probably if I bleach it anymore, I will melt my hair. That's problem #2.

So, I wait. Until my fear of melting my hair fades. Like, maybe Tuesday. Then I might try it one mo time. Sheesh.


  1. Try leviticus? Lol, that was a good one-G

  2. Leviticus has one of my dad's favorites scriptures. He use to say it all the time when anyone was discussing his weight issues.
    "The fat belongs to the Lord"

  3. haha

    that's pretty good.

  4. When i was in college, i got the bright idea to dye stripes in my hair. My friend and i used a temporary black on top of red to dye stripes.

    My hair was shorter, so my hair looked more like a calico cat's than striped.

    Then it turned out that the temporary black felt very comfortable with permanence on my hair, and i couldn't get it out.

    So i ended up going to Sally's and getting the chemicals to strip it.

    It worked.

    My hair was the color of some used q-tips i've seen. Kind of a really waxy orange. It was awful! After a few days i dyed it back to brown.

  5. My sister has turned her hair pink on several occasions because she wears her like really bright red and blonde in the front. And if the red gets on the blonde well you know she looks like Frenchy in Grease.

  6. if outraged needs entertainment he/she should watch news programs reporting on political race

    now that's entertainment

  7. outraged is sort of (sort've) sickened by the current political race and already has the basic picture.


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