Friday, May 16, 2008

I said NO WAY Jose Ricardo

When I left you yesterday, I was faintly marigold, with lily yearnings. Still there. BUT I have purchased more blonde-ing products and will try some mo, momentarily. The price of beauty...

So here we are at Friday, our last weekend in Nashville. I'm ready to get back to KC, check on our house and such. AND then, next week... actually a week from tomorrow, we're off for Texas! Wahoo!

Someone suggested to me today, and I won't tell you who, since the scorn would be so great, that we CAMP on our way back to Tejas. Camp. As in, tent, outdoors. As in, oh HECK no.
See, I would love camping if it was in a decent hotel, with cable and a pool, oh and AIR CONDITIONING AND PLUMBING.

Worst. Idea. EVER.

What's so wrong with camping? You ask. Abraham and his homies did for hundreds of years and such. Jesus camped. Yeah yeah yeah. Here's what's wrong with camping. Everything but marshmallows over a fire. So:
•porta potties
•food, outside. with all of the above.

I will sell a kidney on Ebay to pay for a hotel room, if I have to.

this is why I'm hot


  1. cool site

    quote by Nick Vujicic

    "There is not one suffering that you will go through and not see glory revealed..."

    (of course he was talking to believers at the time)


    this is better entertainment =)

  2. Is this the same woman who told me how much she likes camping today?-G

  3. I am so with you on the camping thing. My dad says we are "hilton campers". Matt suggests it all the time and is just convinced he will get me to go some day. My dad just laughs and says sure you will. Roughing it to me is a cheap motel room. Or an outdated beach house. So far Matt and I have only stayed in 4 star hotels due to some priceline bidding. I hope to keep that record and going camping would totally blow it.

  4. r u eatin enuf?

  5. Is this just a random concerned anonimi? Or is it because I look so slim in my picture there?
    Either way, yep. Eating lots of good stuff, almost no junk.
    I miss junk, but I'm getting skinny!

  6. So the mystery is solved. Whilst I share a meal with your brother, you totally are pulling my leg... Oh well, life is never what you think it is.-G

  7. G- I had the most fun keeping you going. You had no idea. It gave me several laughs.

    Important note- the comments about not wearing undies were only jokes.... ONLY JOKES!

  8. eat mor chiken

  9. i have always been the same way about camping. my husband's dream was to spend a couple of years camping on a lake.
    however, we recently found ourselves camping, and i found it to be most relaxing and enjoyable, and now i want to go every weekend.

    -not for years probably - but weekends are nice, if the weather's not too texan

  10. "Oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure." -- Peter Marshal

    becoming strong and shiney is worth it all


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