Tuesday, May 13, 2008

on a lighter note...

A good way to kill blog comments is to talk about something sad. It's even worse in person... We have shut down many a conversation, some that we would have liked to continue! But people just get very awkward and don't know what to say... the whole, actually we had twins that died commentary is not such a crowd-pleaser. Anyhoo.

In other news, I have been working out. Multiple times. The truly alarming part is, I kinda enjoy it.

Tangent: is "kind of" and "kinda" actually supposed to be kind've? Because, what, what is KIND OF? I ask because I have seen misuse of "must of". Discuss. End tangent.

I have been doing the workout I did with Leah, 8-ish minutes on the elliptical (oh jeez) 5 on the thing I don't know what it's called, 5 on the stairstepper (HATE) and then 10-ish on the treadmill. Then crunches of various kinds and bicep/tricep stuff and stretches. Takes an hour total. With childcare. And by the end of next week I should look like Barbie.
That will be a relief.

I found a bridesmaid dress I really like at Goodwill for 7.99, OH but it was green tag day. FOUR dollars. I have to spend 11 to get it dry-cleaned, but still... that kinda thing just makes my week!

Listen, there has been a lot of good spiritual stuff going on. I have been getting some amazing prayer and prophetic ministry, and I am excited... more about that some other time.


  1. Hey Peeps! It’s been busy taking and doing training in my new position, and working through the home buying process. I’ve been reading, but been too busy to comment.

    You all rock at being mommy!

    I’ll let Shannon say what she got for Mother’s Day if she wants to.

    We had a huge blessing Friday. I got two mortgage companies competing to provide our loan, and at the end of the day had an interest rate 3/8 lower than the start of the day. That translates to a whole $100.00 a month less for our mortgage, which equals $36,000 over 30 years!! Praise the Lord!

    We’re doing well, and Shannon is really showing now… sporting a cute baby bump!

    Oh, and a couple new videos on my blog.

  2. i don't think kind of should've been kind've because "I kind have like you." doesn't make any sense.

  3. I agree~ 'kind of' sounds right. Similar to 'sort of.'

    My belly, yep, showing quite a bit, it's exciting. I just got back from a quick trip to the grocery store, it feels so odd walking around knowing that most people probably have it figured out, yet some may think "hmm, don't dare ask, may not be" hee hee

    I have had a few already comment though; that's fun.

    My gift from Josh was a mommy-heart necklace with 2 birthstones:
    Diamond for April-Keith's month
    Blue Topaz for Nov-due date month

    ~~Very Pretty~~

    Our mortgage discount started with a co. that gives it to employees where Josh works! Blessing!! We chose them since they started the competing, they deserve it.. the originator.

    how are you doing?!! <3

  4. Hello, everyone!

    I should be "working" on wedding.... but, nah!!!

    worked 11 hours today - and i'm ready to play or just talk

    so, i'm scanning some pictures and listening to our friends on their speaker phone talking to John and I on our land-line speaker phone...

    long philosophical conversations we have once a year or so...

    Jess, i'm so glad you found that thrift-store dress! can't wait to see it!

    this wedding is going to be very unique indeed!

    did you hear we're serving PIES at the reception?!? whooppeeee!!! what's your favorite flavor?

  5. Pies, that's awesome!! Josh & I like pie WAY better than cake; we should have done that too!

    One more thing I thought about my belly while shopping: It is also so new to have it growing & out there. So precious~ my baby is well & growing!!!

    Pretty soon I'll have to decline Keith's longing to be picked up
    : ( sad

  6. Meredith, my sis-in-law, & I are doing something neat..

    We're going to take belly profile pictures on the same day to compare size. May 24- Saturday. We wish we could in person, but it will be fun to at least on the same day. The pictures will be taken outside by a tree.

    That day is one of my friend's wedding, so I plan to get a few in the church yard. I'm hoping it is sunny!

    Compared to the usual highs of 50's & 60's, this weekend is gonna be NICE!!
    Thurs 72
    Fri 82
    Sat 80

    Yippee, hoping to take a walk with a friend. We've been waiting for nice weather. She has a 5 mo. boy.

  7. Oh, on May 24
    I'll be 16 weeks
    Meredith, 22 weeks

  8. Meredith looks like she is getting shorter. Poor Mere-G

  9. I like pie too. When I was selling pies everyone called me the pie lady. I have not been making very many pies as of late. So Matt and I went over to Pie in the Sky the other day and ate pie. I had Mississippi Mud and it was really good. I am not a big fan of there coconut cream though. I like mine better. It took me a long time to get that recipe just right.

    About a week ago we where in Houston and went to House of Pies. I had not been there since I was little. The decor is so 60's but the pies are still good.

    I think pies for the wedding is such a fun idea. But be careful we wouldn't want a pie in the face fight to break out!

  10. or would we? mmmmaaaaawwwaaaaaa

    coulda woulda shoulda

  11. jessica could do her favorite childhood jokes about pies

  12. Or maybe she should tell the other joke about the monkey who fell out of the tree.-G

  13. My favorite pie--- APPLE!!


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