Thursday, May 8, 2008

and God made pig for man to eat


the radiants throw down some Famous Dave's barbecue

Last night we went to Famous Dave's (hallelujah) with the team and then Leah and I stayed up till 2 or 3... they left this morning and sheesh... lonely for my radiants already.

It was an awesome time... I love what happens when we are all together and we pray. Yesterday was a powerful, explosive service... I haven't been able to watch the web archive, I'm afraid maybe it wasn't recorded. Anyhoo. It was wild. I sang with a Daniel Mathews worship set, and we blasted Nashville in prayer. Brynn slept in her playpen right by the stage, R2 jumped, and Toby committed felonies and misdeeds all around the sanctuary. And he did a puzzle, and danced a little. But his primary function was wrongdoing. The students here love him, which is great. He's just so busy and funny and really very good. It's not like he's breaking things. He's just mooching food and running in crazy circles squealing and scattering puzzle pieces and climbing on the stage and jumping down the stairs and drinking other people's coffee and trying to get in the playpen with his sister and using open markers for drumsticks, thus coloring his shirt, and hanging out in the coffee bar chatting up the ladies. Like that, see?

BTW: Mother's Day is Sunday. Don't be a louse.


  1. are the radiant's on their ways home? i haven't heard

    HELPPPPP! i'm swallowed in a wedding vortex!!!!

    P R A Y !


  2. sorry I'm stuck in perpetual motion in my Christmas Bee costume...

    i just can't get out of it!

  3. Pam if you need help don't be afraid to delegate a little! Let me know if I can do anything!

  4. not sure where they are now... they paused yesterday in Dallas for Tred to dance at Jesus Culture...

  5. pam, if you want to email me your login info, I can probably get rid of that bee


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