Tuesday, May 27, 2008

wedding ish ness

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday... I was getting ready for Lindsey's wedding. Being in a wedding can be a nightmare... or a delight. THIS wedding was very fun, for multiple reasons.
Like, I got to pick my own dress. Yessss... and my own shoes. I picked these.

Aren't they delicious? Honestly, sometimes being a girl is the best.
The girliness of being in a tiny room with about 8 other girls and we are all in our beautiful dresses and ... sigh. Just... you need to be a princess sometimes. It makes all the days of being "Mom in passing car" or, "Woman in grocery line" worth it.

What is it that makes beauty so fulfilling? I think it's a longing for heaven, for Eden, for perfection. You know... like that violin note that just makes your heart ache. We were made for beauty.

Another reason it was fun... it was so weird. Crazy Israeli gypsy wedding. It was AWESOME. And Steph and I clean up pretty good, no?

I'm so excited to be in Conroe for a few weeks. I love EVERYONE and I am having such a good time.
Oh, and Mexican food. The answer is always YES.


  1. wow---you girls look so fantastic!!!!

    Lindsey and Brian had the best non-traditional wedding ever!!!!! They look like theyare having so much FUN

  2. the beauty of all the participants is evident.

  3. I look in the mirror when I get up at 5:15 AM and it makes me long for heaven...

  4. My nieces are so beautiful! Inside and Out!! I dearly love you both!

    Aunt Tammy


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