Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School days

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Yesterday we started school. Technically, we did school last year, but I was mostly just making it up and then we ended up skipping a lot of the year because of one particularly chubby baby. But I wasn't really worried about it because Toby's already a rocket scientist and besides, he was 4 and she was 3, so who cares what babies know academically? Not me. They're babies. I'd accept "peeing in the potty" as a successful outcome for a 4 year old on an achievement test.

But this year, the eyes of the law are upon me. And even once I get my van registered, the eyes of the law might still be creepin over here, looking in my uncurtained windows to determine why my school-aged child is jumping off the fireplace wearing only Thomas the Train undies. So that's one factor in why I am trying to be more intentional in my schooling. The other factor is, I'm such a slacker that I need some kind of accountability or plan or we'll just chill, a lot. 

So Day 1. I spent a bit of time organizing and planning and then realized I organized like a crazy, and none of it worked. So I spent half our schoolday flipping around the teacher's guide while Brynn cut holes in everything and Toby offered helpful suggestions while reading over my shoulder. By the 2 hour mark, Tristan was clinging to my leg, screaming like his heart was breaking, and Toby was collecting various snacks and juices from the fridge and putting them on the table, instead of writing letters. We got most of it done, though, and I had a better framework for what I needed. And I was thrilled to find out Brynn's memory and comprehension is pretty killer. Awesome.

Day 2, I was more prepared, since I had spent an hour at Target buying binders and sheet protectors and such and then hole-punched the bejeebers out of everything and filed it, and then stayed up late making an itemized list of day 2's goals. We did it, except making a jar out of clay. That was such an epic fail and I was so frustrated I didn't even take a picture of it to post here and mock myself.

I am really liking My Father's World because of the Bible emphasis, and how complete it seems, making sure I'm covering what they need to know, but equal hands-on/craft activities to worksheets and such. It still took 2 hours, and conditions deteriorated again, but I think I'll be able to whittle it back to an hour and a half if I plan better, and they should be able to handle that. 

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