Monday, September 12, 2011

Are you going to raise the baby?

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I don’t remember the exact timeframe, I’d have to check my blog. But somewhere between 2 and 3 years ago, maybe even 4, I was at an event known as TheCall. I stood in the front row while families told their stories, stories of children they had almost aborted, or children who had been adopted instead of aborted, and I cried. I mean really cried, like ugly cried. My heart was wrecked, and I knew we would adopt.
Eventually, after what felt like a lifetime of waiting, God spoke to my husband, too, and we started the process that led us to Tristan. His birth parents considered abortion, but not for long. They made an adoption plan, and once they met us, they knew we were the family they wanted to trust with their son.
I know lots of adoptive families who have taken the plunge over and over again, some in genuine rescue missions of children the status quo wouldn’t think twice about letting die. And their lives, and our lives, are richer and deeper for it.
In our kind, civilized nation, 90 percent of Down Syndrome children are aborted. That is barbaric. I have hope, though. Because many people are stepping up to the plate, asking God to give them His precious ones, the “pure in heart”. And it is no less holy to open your home to a healthy child.
My hope, my heart, is that the pro-abortion taunts of “Are you going to take the baby?” will be answered with a resounding “Yes!” by the people of God. Yes, we will take the children. We will take the estimated 100,000 children available in foster care and waiting for adoption in the United States. We will take the sick and the strong, or we will hold your hand and help you learn how to be a parent. We will be the walk to our talk. Yes.
That day, in Alabama, I saw a 2 year old boy with his mama. His skin was dark brown and hers was white. They didn’t have genetics in common, but they were a family. And I knew in my heart that loving “the least of these” was going to cost more, and mean more, than I had ever realized. I was so right.
I urge you to take some time to pray and fast, and ask the Lord what He wants for you, in regards to adoption. It might be adopting. It might be short term foster care, or helping a single mother. It might be paying part or all of another family’s adoption fees. It might be some other role, but I’ll bet there’s something. Let’s walk this out together.

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