Monday, September 5, 2011

blessed are the scoffers

Sometimes I worry that I'm a bit of a scoffer. I mean, when you're raised in Christian school, you develop a healthy fear of God, or at least a fear of punishment, and you learn how to phrase things in a way that will not offend the Lord. He's sensitive, you know? See?? all scoff-y.

Then you, (or at least I) get jaded, or saved, and come to a realization that God is not mad at us, and that He can handle our attitudes and our pain, and so we get (or I did) more comfortable talking to him. (disclaimer: I am not a theologian, and I know there are more facets to God than we will ever know, and He's a judge as well as a Teddy Bear, and yeah yeah yeah. I'm just talking about this facet, lay off.)

Somewhere in there with the comfort there's something bordering on disrespect, both for God and for the people of God, and the forerunners of faith. And there's an arrogance in me toward anything I see as corny or cheesy, and it's messed me up a little. I mean, genuine people who love God design homeschool curriculum, and bulletin boards and videos with terrible animation, and those cheesy vehicles are carrying truth. But I'm all superior in my hipness, gagging because there's a clown on the package. Or a guy in Bible robes or whatever. You know? Do you know?

While I was researching what I was going to teach for homeschool, I was so torn. Because I hate these websites and these graphics and (maybe righteously) the marketing and the overcharging.

But I realized I want my kids to know the Bible. Like, really know it. Because even with all my skepticism, I know Jesus, who He is. And if you cut me, I'd bleed Scripture, because of all the faithful ladies in denim jumpers who taught me. And taught me and taught me. I have a SOLID core, a foundation of truth that impacts my life

I'm just thinking about all this, and about my arrogance and how it has affected my love for the Bible and the church. And how I'm going to get over it, to teach lessons that seem corny to me, because the message is what matters. I'm also thinking about how I will, never, ever dress up in a clown suit, because all this humility and maturity has to have some boundaries.


  1. Oh boy I feel this one, Jess!

    I'm an Urban Homeschooler. Even the title sounds like I worked on it. And I Did!

    There IS a lot of cheese out there in curriculums. I wince at it too, at least initially. But it helps when you start to see stuff that's BEAUTIFUL--SO beautiful that you think, "My word... that HAS to be educational." And then you realize after a few homeschool conventions and much money spent that it's just more cheese in bamboo wood clothing.

    I'm extending more grace to cheese now, as long as the basics are there. That, and, much to my surprise regarding my mega brilliant illuminous child... Thomas likes cheese. :)

    Stella from HP/PAI

  2. God love them they were faithful and good.Not only did you learn to read, write, think and do math, you kept your shorts on under your uniform till you got married. Someday your kids (my precious grandkids) will probably think you are pretty cool but cheesy.It seems to go with the program. I find that cheesy is quite okay with me as I get older. Now to ME you seem very cool... but I'm just sayin'... Mama

  3. You used that "never" word. Didn't the ladies in the denim jumpers tell you never to use/say "never"? In my case, whenever I use this word the "never" happens.

    Please take a picture of yourself in the clown suit and post it here and on fb.

    I'm just saying . . .


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