Thursday, September 15, 2011

jack of no trades, master... apprentice... hmm.

Finally. I think all my kids are asleep. No, wait... almost. The last holdout is deciding if he can sleep through me typing, which is pretty silly, considering the sheer volume he sleeps through during the day when the sibling wars are afoot.

I'm pretty sure I can only be good at one thing at a time. I mean, relatively good. Some people would argue that what I considered being good at DIY/home renovation projects is actually not good, per se. But me, I shake off them haters.

So I'm getting the (oh, wait, he's back up. laughing. this crazy baby), anyway, I'm getting the hang of homeschooling down, mostly. Only here's the thing with that. There's a lot of mommy blogs out there with pictures and crafts and additional ideas to add on to the curriculum, and I'm kind of hanging on to the edge of the curriculum like Punjab on that helicopter ladder... I mean, I'm enjoying the process, I just don't have time or the mental capacity to make shadow boxes or you know, lifesize Creation replicas out of clay or whatever. We just do the work, almost the bare minimum and by the end, I am praying to the Holy One that He grants me the grace to love these children, for whom I prayed.

I know it will get easier. I just doubt I'll ever get featured on the homeschool blogs, since I will only protest so many times before I just give up and let Brynn make all the clouds pink and draw houses in the Garden of Eden. Just... fine. Yes, okay. Yes, glue those papers together. Excellent.

But there's my primary output, this schooling. So the housekeeping, already a bit of a weak spot, gets a little more neglected, and the blogging here and elsewhere is spotty, because I am mixing cornstarch and water with my hands and oh man, that is some sweet slime. You should do that. And, you name it, anything else I'm supposed to be excelling at, I'm forgetting about. I used to be a multi-tasker, I think. Or maybe not. I can't remember now. Probably the cornstarch.


  1. Accidentally stumbled onto your blog. Love it!
    Real. Honest. Funny. Humble.

  2. "like Punjab on that helicopter ladder" !! oh goodness, I had to sit back and just let myself laugh at that one.
    Loving this post.


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