Friday, July 1, 2011

my kingdom for a chill pill

We spent most of the day Wednesday in the ER with R2, who might have fractured his arm in a self-injury fit. Lots of good emotional blog material there, but when we got home, the AC was broken and it was 85 degrees in my house. So I haven't blogged in 2 days, because I was hot. I'll get to the deeper stuff next week. Today I need to talk about my pain.

Now, maybe you're like, "You're from TEXAS. Houston, even. You grew up in the belly of hell and you're calling 85 degrees hot?" Here's the deal. In Houston, it's like 115 degrees in the shade in March or something. And the humidity is like 123% all the time so you have a heatstroke walking to the mailbox. Seriously. It's insanely hot and humid. Insanely. For most of the year. The trick is, Texans keep their thermostats on 60 pretty much year round, just to prepare. I mean, it cools down a little in the winter, maybe 40 degrees a couple of times around Christmas. In my mama's house, it would still be 60 degrees. In Houston, you wear tank tops and short shorts and carry a sweater, because when you walk in Walmart you will be driven backward by gale-force arctic blasts from the air conditioner. It's a way of life.

So if it is 85 degrees inside my house, even you lucky Texans left in Texas have to admit, that's nasty. The MOG kicked into gear right away, going up in the attic and doing something and buying box fans from the hardware store, and calling the AC guy who promised to come, someday. I, being a proper Southern woman, wilted into the couch. I got up to get a cold Coke, and then it was back to wilting. (also, it had been a very long and emotional day, but that didn't cover the next day of wilting)

We put the kids to bed with fans and dire threats of what would happen if they stuck their fingers anywhere near the fan. Think: rivers of blood, screaming, and loss of computer privileges. They listened pretty well, and just knocked them over a few times, while jumping from bed to bed. The MOG and I camped out in the sunroom, which has the only ceiling fan and tile floors. It ended up not being so bad, at least for sleeping. Once the sun came up I was plunged once more into American Air Conditioning Entitlement Syndrome.

Finally on Thursday, Elvin's former son-in-law came and fixed it, and then it took 12 hours to cool down, because this place is a barn. This morning it is 73 degrees in my room with 2 fans, and I can type on my computer again. Don't expect blogging in the end-times, y'all.

On an unrelated note, the MOG led worship in the Prayer Room last night. You can watch the archive here. (10 pm Thursday)


  1. so sorry you had to deal with no ac. i totally understand! when i was 9 months pregnant with my second child, our ac went out (in august in atlanta). it took an entire month for the new unit to arrive. so i feel your pain. my toddler and i pretty much sat in the tub all day in the cold water. so glad you got it fixed!

  2. Last summer, my AC went out because the lawn guys for our complex had cut the wires with the weed whacker (for the 2nd time in 3 years, I might add). My house was 98 degrees one day. I couldn't do much except lay in front of the fan. Finally after 2 days of this, I retreated to my parents' house.

  3. Saw your man leading worship last! Loved it! Angela K.

  4. Well ours went out here (in Houston) while it was 108 last week or so. It was only out for about 3 days but we bailed, Im talkin got out of Dodge. I mean looking for someone who had 60 degrees goin on. There was no compromise considered. The fans we had were inconsequential so I went looking for what we have had in days past called a tornado fan which peels your ears back while you drink your coke. These were available for 1000.00 So I went to Georgias for 2 nights which was very wise because she knows how to live so I was hunkered down in 60 degrees for 2 nights. My nose sticking out from under a nice blanket. Dreamland. ...Mama

  5. if anybody wonders where I get my way with words, lookit my mama up here. ..."a tornado fan which peels your ears back while you drink your coke"

  6. mama has a way with words that makes me chuckle
    good one mama

    on the other hand it is now july 5
    where are the posts blogger girl


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