Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Put the lime in the coconut

I love this house. It fits us. It looks fairly normal, but then you hang out for a minute and you figure out it is.... quirky. Some might say weird, but I stopped liking that word by the time I was 6. Quirky is fine. So now we're trying to buy it, and our loan officer is learning how to do loans and mortgages and things by trial and error, process of elimination. Somehow we always manage to be the guinea pigs in these kind of experiments.

So we're taking possession of it, while the paperwork is being wept over and lost in the mail. My primary contribution has been painting walls instead of doing the dishes. Oh, and painting the refrigerator.

I've been working for weeks or months or something on picking a color for the kitchen. It's a tiny little apartment-style kitchen and it's been a little disheartening shock every morning for 2 years now, like serving breakfast to your 17 year old daughter while trying not to look at her nose ring and neck tattoo. I painted yellow splotches on the wall, green, purple. The MOG shot them all down. Finally I said I just wanted to use the leftover green bathroom paint and in a moment of weakness he said he didn't care.

Now I'm a submissive type, and I hear you laughing. No, I mean it. I typically defer to what Richy says, and on the couple of occasions in our marriage that he has absolutely put his foot down on something, I was okay with backing down. But every now and then he just waffles on something and says something along the lines of, "I don't think I like that", or "I'm not sure" and then I have to carpe the dang diem and try new things, like dyeing my hair black or painting the kitchen.

So without much further ado, my green kitchen. (Note: it's not quite as lime as it looks in these pictures. The interwebs is lying)

Before: Gray blue walls,
navy beadboard, beige refrigerator,
small baby
After: Green walls,
white beadboard, black refrigerator,
FAT baby

Project cost breakdown:
White paint: leftover from other project $0
Green paint: leftover + 1 can= $15
9 picture frames with mats from Dollar Tree= $9
1 can glossy red spray paint= $2
Photos printed from Shutterfly= $ 3
Appliance paint for refrigerator= $15
= kitchen mini makeover: less than $50 spread out over a few months. Yay cheap!

I still want to replace the countertops, floor tile and fluorescent lights when our ship comes in, and touch up the white on the cabinets and switch the hardware and paint the other beige appliances black. Or maybe I'll take a nap.


  1. I really like it,Jess! I think you done good!
    And I really like the black and white accents, but maybe after independence week you could rethink the old red white and blue motif?

    dunno. but i really like your colors!

  2. yeah, I'm not keeping the star frame, long term... or the fireworks tablecloth :)

  3. It looks cute, I have the black countertops if you can find a way to get them back home! And for light fixtures/flooring I know you probably already watch craigslist which is good, but if you have a habbitat for humanity store they have great deals. I saw a lady do her little kitchen floor for $40 at Habbitat. She used missed matched wood laminate all the same brand just differenct colors it looked really cool.
    Jennifer H.

  4. Really looks good Jess. Very fresh and clean. I am so proud of your resourcefulness as you morph into a MAJOR earth mother. Gosh those were the good days. I am finding myself wanting a compost pile again. Leah is resisting clotheslines. This I dont get. I mean our neighborhood would be a better place with some underwear hanging on the line. This the the real stuff life is made of. I digress...anyways you are a credit to the fam and you did great. I'll come up and churn some butter in just wait. It will be like back to the land up in there. mama

  5. I love it and all the Texas reminders! Lee Ann - can't figure out how to post except ananymous

  6. I love it all! Awesome job!!!

  7. oh pal. i love your green-ness. i want to come to your house! thank you for not painting your walls with "earth tones" even though you may be a "major earth mother." :) I LOVE COLOR.


  8. You know what? I like it. I'm skeptical, but I like it. Invite me over (and pay for my plane ticket with the money you saved) and I'll let you know for sure.

  9. The green seems to know, active and fun and quirky :) I love it! Is it weird that I'm bursting at the seams with joy and pride? Because I am. Because you, who claims to have been born without a crafty bone, are being crafty and succeeding at it. I'm proud. Also, the Texas boot spoon holder made me VERY happy.


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